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Ardoyne, Belfast

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Ardoyne (Irish Ard Eoin or’Eoin’s height’) is a working-class neighborhood in north Belfast, Northern Ireland, predominantly occupied by Catholic and Irish republicans. The town was founded in 1815 when Michael Andrews relocated his factory here. Ardoyne grew from his house, thirty houses for the employees, and his factory to the enormous and prosperous town seen today. Many years after establishing this town, Andrews’ house is currently in use as the Crumlin Star Social Club. The town is well designed and planned, with the bigger part of the population being middle-aged earners. However, it has an impressive economic system since it can meet the supply and demand raised in the region. Most of the businesses here are middle level as the demand falls within the same considering its demographic segmentation.

Football is a popular sport in the region, with a large following considering that most north Irelanders are huge fans. Ardoyne is located close to Clintonville’s home ground, giving the club a large following in the city. It is also home to their thriving Crumlin FC, a player in the northern amateur FOOTBALL League. Ardoyne also represents the Gaelic athletic association through their own Ardoyne Kickhams, which occasionally holds matches at home and away to entertain fans. It is a town that has an incredible music taste giving it the honor of holding the annual “Ard Eoin Fleadh Cheoil.” The town offers its visitors a range of attractions, including museums, rivers, and an incredible ocean view. Ardoyne is known for important attractions: the Crumlin road, Ulster Museum, Peace Wall, St. George’s market, and the Titanic Belfast. Many tourists are taken aback by the fact that some parts of the town are divided by wide walls. These were built in the 1970s, when the city was an entirely different place.   Thankfully, it is now a vibrant, multicultural community, and its recent past makes it an interesting additional place to visit or settle.

Belfast’s City Hall is Ardoyne’s most attractive structure, and it’s an excellent place to begin your day. In the summer, Donegal Square, in front of the civic building, is lined with cafés and restaurants. The entire region is changed into a winter wonderland during the holiday season, complete with a Christmas mood and decorations. Irish pubs provide a unique cultural experience that should not be missed. Many of their best pubs feature live music performances, delicious food, and a wide selection of Irish beers and whiskies. Ardoyne is a city economically and agriculturally active.


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Ardoyne, Belfast

Ardoyne is a Catholic and an Irish Republican district in North Belfast. It became infamous because of what happened during The Troubles. Just like other working-class areas in Belfast, its walls have murals that are political and cultural. In this article, we will be featuring some of the places in the Ardoyne area and how you will get to these places.


Places in the Area

Ardoyne Association Advice Centre

The aim of this advice centre is to help in the economic and social upliftment of the people of Ardoyne. It provides free and private service to them, and their main areas of work are Social and Private Housing, Social Security Benefits, Housing Benefit, etc. Know more about it here:

Redeemer Central

The Redeemer Central is a church community that gathers every Sunday at their venue. This community seeks to live the way of Jesus as they love and serve their city. If you want to know more about the community, here is their website:


This restaurant serves food from breakfast to dinner, milkshakes, fish and chips, chicken, salads, tea, salads, and a whole lot more. You can check them out on their Facebook page at

Wishing Well Family Centre

Wishing Well Family Centre is a community organization that responds to social, educational, economic, and environmental needs in the community. To know more, check out their website at

Holy Cross Church, Crumlin

The Holy Cross Church in Crumlin Road is the main Roman Catholic place of worship for the people in Ardoyne. Their website is is you want to know more.

Ardoyne Community Centre

This community centre is open from Mondays to Sundays. They offer different classes for mothers and toddlers, for young women, and for everyone, basically. Check them out here:

How to Get There?

Ardoyne Association Advice Centre to OH MY COD

To get to OH MY COD from the advice centre, you just need to head north on Etna Dr. toward Eskdale Gardens, and then walk about 149 meters. Now, turn left onto Alliance Ave. When you walk about 33 meters, you’ll get to your destination.

OH MY COD to Wishing Well Family Centre

From OH MY COD, to get to Wishing Well Family Centre, you have to head east on Alliance Ave toward Etna Dr. In 322 meters, turn left onto Deerpark Rd., and then walk about 74 meters to turn left onto Alliance Cres. Your destination is on the right.

Wishing Well Family Centre to Holy Cross Church, Crumlin

To get to your destination, it will take a 3-minute drive. Head northeast on Alliance Cres toward Deerpark Rd., then about 55 meters, turn right onto Deerpark Rd. In about 74 meters, turn right onto Alliance Ave. Drive about 805 meters and then turn left onto Ardoyne Rd. In about 27 meters, turn left onto Crumlin Road/A55. At the roundabout, take the first exit into Crumlin Road.


Holy Cross Church to Ardoyne Community Centre

From Holy Cross to the community centre, it will take you 3 minutes when walking. Head northeast on Butler Walk toward Kerrera Mews. And in 95 meters, turn right onto Elmfield St., and then turn left onto Herbert St. in about 76 meters. Walk about 143 meters to reach your destination.