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Here at Cleaning Contractors NI, we are not only experts at  carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning along with our other cleaning services. We are also experts on the city of Belfast & share that knowledge via our website.

Ballyrushboy is a sleepy download located in the County of Down. It covers an extensive area hence making it one of the largest townlands in Belfast. Ballyrushboy is bordered to the north by Ballyhackmore and Ballymacarret to the South; it’s a cosmopolitan town that has narrow streets. One of the most famous streets here is known as Grande Parade. Wondering where the name originated from? Well, Grande Parade was a famous racing horse that won the Epsom Derby of 1919; the horse’s sire was an equally famous horse named Orby and to date, the town is still associated by many with horse racing. There are other Streets in Ballyrushboy whose origins can be traced back to horse racing; Cicero, Trigo, Pommern, Ladas, to mention a few.

To the west of this town, visitors can enjoy the scenic view of the Loop River; very nice for nature lovers looking for serene spots to chill out. To the east, there’s the famous Orangefield Park and Dixon Park Playing Field; these are the most popular green spaces in the entire town and it’s common to find families and children visiting on weekends.

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