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At Cleaning Contractors NI we are carpet cleanershard floor cleaners and upholstery cleaners in Belfast. Belfast is the city that we love and the city we work in each day providing our services. Hence why we blog about the city!

Ballysilian was the center of a loyalist feud when Jimbo Simpson attempted to retake control of the Brigade from William Borland. During The Troubles, Ballysillan also served as the center for loyalist paramilitary activity. It was also the home base of “D Company” of the Ulster Volunteer Force. We are going to talk about some places in the area and directions on how to get there.


Places in the Area

Ballysillan Gospel Hall

The Ballysillan Gospel Hall provides the people in Ballysillan a place to run events like Sunday School, Every Boys Rally, Every Girls Rally, and other special events. It promotes religious activities and community development through providing a hall for worship.

Happy Choice

If you are craving for Chinese food, Happy Choice is a great restaurant for that. It serves chicken, beef, pork, and char siu dishes that you’ll surely enjoy.

Brian’s Convenience Store

This convenience store is open Mondays to Sundays from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. It offers a lot of good deals for everyone in their local community.

Ballysillan Park

Ballysillan Park has soccer pitches, a bowling green, and other playing fields that are open for squad training and competitive outdoor sports. Pavilions and changing rooms will also be opened for toilet facilities. If you want to book something, visit this link:

Ballysillan Leisure Centre

This leisure centre has a 25 meters pool that is open for lane swimming, 30 station gyms with a functional and stretch zone and offers fitness classes, swimming, racquet sports, football, and other junior gym activities. To know more, click

The Seed and Bean

The Seed and Bean’s focus is on using organic ingredients and create an ethical range of confectionery. They are also creating flavors that nobody else is doing. To know more about them, visit them at

Directions to Get There

Ballysillan Gospel Hall to Happy Choice

In order to get to Happy Choice, walk head southeast on Ballysillan Park toward Ballysillan Rd/A55, and then turn right onto Ballysillan A55. Their distance is about 102 meters.

Happy Choice to Brian’s Convenience Store

Head southwest on Ballysillan Rd/A55 toward Oldpark Rd/B502., and in about 124 meters, turn right onto Silverstream Park. Your destination will be on the left.

Brian’s Convenience Store to Ballysillan Park

When walking, it will take you 10 minutes to get to Ballysillan Park. All you have to do is head northwest on Silverstream Park toward Benview Park. In about 322 meters, turn left onto Benview Park, and then turn right onto Benview Dr.

Ballysillan Park to Ballysillan Leisure Centre

When you’re driving a car, it will only take you 2 minutes to get there. Head southeast on Ballysillan Park toward Clareglen, and then in 322 meters, turn right onto Ballysillan Rd/A55, and then turn right.

Ballysillan Leisure Centre to The Seed and Bean

Head northwest toward Ballysillan Rd/A55, and in about 72 meters, turn right onto Ballysillan Rd/A55, and then The Seed and Bean will be on the left side.