Belfast City Centre

If you are someone who loves the buzz of city life, the Belfast City Centre can be one of your options to visit or start a new life in! It is Belfast, Northern Island’s central business district and has a lot of restaurants, shops, parks, and tourist attractions that you’ll surely enjoy.

Donegall Street is a business area now, but this is where the city centre was originally located. Today, Belfast City Centre is now centered on Donegall Square, Donegall Place, Royal Avenue, Castle Junction, and High Street.

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To experience Belfast City Centre, here are some places that you can visit and some quick guides to get there.

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Restaurants and Bars


is the restaurant of Northern Ireland’s most decorated chef, Michael Deane. It also has sister restaurants like Deanes at Queens, Deane’s Epic, Deane and Decano and Deane’s Meat Locker. To know more about the place, visit their website at

Home Belfast

was originally a pop-up in Belfast City Centre in 2011. It serves fresh, local, seasonal produce and innovative menus that it took up a permanent home in Belfast’s Wellington Place close to the City Hall. They also serve gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan menus. You can visit their website at to know more.

The National

has a sharp and industrial design with minimal aesthetics that is located in the heart of the City’s Cathedral Quarter. They offer café dining and evening carousing, and a superb brunch menu. They also invite local artists and DJs that will surely relax you. To know more about this, you can visit their website at


Victoria Square

has great views from their glass dome, and it has shopping centers, food and drink restaurants, and a cinema. They also offer a lot of gift cards and are very close with the community they have created.

There are activities that you and your family can do together, especially with kids! You can hold a private kids party at Claire’s, a party with hands-on activities at Build-a-bear, and a pizza-making party at Pizza Express. To know more about Victoria Square, click this link:


is located near Smyth and Gibson in Bedford Street. It is Northern Ireland’s leading independent craft Jewellers. Their designs are bold, contemporary, and innovative, and inspired by the natural landscape and geometric forms. They offer design consultations by appointment and all you have to do is visit their website to book one. Their website is


was established in 1897 and is Northern Ireland’s oldest deli. It is located in College Street, Belfast, BT1 6ES. You can order luxurious hampers and gifts, cheese and charcuterie, and The Sawers Artisan Range. You can also order conference boxes and can ask for outside catering.

They are open Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5:30 pm. You can contact them at (028) 9032 2021 or e-mail them at To order from Sawers, you can go to their website at

Parks and Recreation

Titanic Quarter

is the biggest regeneration project in Northern Ireland and comprises about 185 acres of prime waterfront land. This is an area if you want to experience a thriving and bustling destination, and one where people can live, work, visit, and stay. It has Grade A offices, residential buildings, retail shops, hotels, and others. To know more about this, visit

Whether you are by yourself visiting the city or with a group, CitiGolf is one venue that you surely don’t want to miss. It is a licensed entertainment facility with Golf, Big Screen Wii, Karaoke, and a whole lot more of fun stuff. It is also a fully licensed party venue that is stag/hen friendly. If you are thinking about visiting Citigolf very soon, you can check them out at

Belfast City Hall

is also one to visit when visiting Belfast. It is in the heart of Belfast City Center. The City Hall Grounds are open during Winter on October 1 – May 31 from 7 am to 7 pm. They are also open during summertime on May 31 – September 30 from 7 am to 9 pm. The city hall offers visitor exhibitions and tours. To know more about this, you can visit their website at

How Do I Get to Places?

Belfast City Hall to The Titanic Memorial Garden

Walking from the City Hall to The Titanic Memorial Garden will take you about 3 minutes if you are walking via Donegall Square S/A1. If you are coming from the building of the Belfast City Hall, turn right toward Donegall Square S/A1, and then turn left then walk until you reach Donegall Square E/A1, and then turn left again. Walk about 72 meters and you’re at The Titanic Memorial Garden now. It’ll be on the left side.

The Titanic Memorial Garden to Victoria Square

The easiest way to get to Victoria Square from The Titanic Memorial Garden would be heading north on Donegall Square E/A11 toward Pattersons PI for about 36 meters. Walk right onto Pattersons PI, and then turn right toward Chichester St. and then walk for about 66 meters to turn left onto Arthur St. Turn right onto Arthur Square, and in about 27 meters, turn right onto William St. S, and there’s Victoria Square.

Victoria Square to Jaffe Memorial Fountain

Now, when you head northeast on Victoria Square toward Upper Church Ln for about 25 meters, you’ll get to Jaffe Memorial Fountain on the right.

Jaffe Memorial Fountain to Citigolf

Walk for about 4 minutes to get to Citigold. All you need to do is head east on Victoria Square toward Victoria St., turn right onto Victoria St., and continue onto Cromac St., and the destination will be on the left.

Citigolf to Margot

When you’re in Citigolf, and you want to go to Margot to have some drinks, you just have to head north on Cromac St. toward May St., turn left onto May St., and then turn right onto Donegall Square E/A1. Margot will be on the right.

Margot to Sawers

From Margot to Sawers, it’ll only take 6 minutes to walk 482 meters. Head north on Donegall Square E/A1, and then turn right onto Fountain St. Finally, turn left onto College St., and the destination will be on the left.

Sawers to Deanes Meat Locker

To arrive at Deanes Meat Locker from Sawers, all you need to do is walk 59 meters west on College St. toward College St. Mews. And then, turn left onto Queen St., continue onto Upper Queen St., and then continue onto Brunswick St. Deanes Meat Locker will be on the left side.

Deanes Meat Locker to Steensons

It will take a 2-minute walk to arrive at Steensons to Deanes Meat Locker. Head south for 46 meters on Brunswick St. toward James St. S. And then, turn left onto James St. S. Finally, turn right onto Bedform St./A1 and then walk about 17 meters to arrive at Steensons.

Steensons to Home Restaurant

When you’re coming from Steensons, and if you want to have brunch or just fill up your stomach with food at the Home restaurant, you’re only going to need to walk for 4 minutes since it’s just 321 meters. Head north on Bedford St/A1 toward James St. S, turn right onto Donegall Square S/A1, sharp left onto Donegall Square W, and lastly, turn left onto Wellington PI/A1.

Home Restaurant to The National

In order to get to The National from the Home Restaurant, you just need to head east on Wellington PI/A1 toward Fountain St., turn left onto Fountain St., walk about 160 meters, and then turn right onto Castle St. Finally, continue onto High St., until you reach The National.

The National to Albert Memorial Clock

When you want to visit the Albert Memorial Clock from The National, the fastest route would be heading northeast on high St. toward Church Ln, and then continuing onto Queen’s Square. The famous Memorial Clock will be on the left.

Albert Memorial Clock to SSE Arena Belfast

When you decide to walk from the Albert Memorial to SSE Arena Belfast, it will take you about 9 minutes. You are going to be heading east on Queen’s Square toward Princes St., and then turn left onto Donegall Quay/A2, turn right onto Lagan Weir, walk about 160 meters, and then turn left onto Queens Quay. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Sydenham Rd. And then, there you go.

SSE Arena Belfast to Titanic Quarter

A 10-minute walk would be taken to get to Titanic Quarter. Head east to Sydenham toward Old Channel Rd., turn left onto Old Channel Rd., continue onto Queens Rd., turn left at Bell’s Theorem Cres, turn right, and then, Titanic Quarter Limited.

There you have it! The Belfast City Center has a lot more to offer than just these locations. In order to get hold of the Belfast City Center Management, you can call at 0779 52 69 30, e-mail them at, and visit their website at