Cathedral Quarter, Belfast

Cathedral Quarter is a small developing area that is sandwiched between Royal Avenue and the Dubar Link. Part of the area around the Cathedral was previously called “Little Italy”. The Cathedral Quarter stretches out to the edge of what is normally referred to as the old merchant quarter. This is where the Cathedral Quarter meets the merchant area.

The Cathedral Quarter has always been Belfast’s warehousing and trading district. This area sprung up from the successful shipping and linen industries and has since seen rapid growth in population and development. It offers a rich history as it still features some of Belfast’s oldest structures.
Cathedral Quarter has seen a recent growth in arts and culture. Organizations that specialize in these arts are based here some examples include, The Safehouse Arts Gallery, Belfast Print Workshop, Northern Visions TV, among others.

This area boasts of rich heritage, a 19th-century newspaper by the name The Northern Whig was very popular and its headquarters was based on the corner of Bridge Street and Waring Street. Presently the Northern Whig building has been converted to a pub and restaurant.

Cathedral Quarter hosts an annual Arts Festival in late spring. This festival has gained international recognition as it attracts several international performers. The current ongoing pandemic has however halted this as social distancing measures have to be adhered to.

The area has quite recently seen the establishment of the Northern Ireland War Memorial. This commemorative museum sits on Tablot Street and is a re-dedication of the war memorial. Recently there has been new enthusiasm for this area that has seen investors committing to development. This has resulted in hotels and bars sprouting in recent years.

The Cathedral Quarter is developing and its considerable attractions may be pleasing to any visitors. This area is reasonably quiet with only a few bars in operation at night. There were plans by the Belfast’s Old Museum Arts Centre and the Northern Ireland Arts Council to come up with a dedicated arts venue. The building opened its doors in 2012 after an architectural design competition was organized. This saw the building getting nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary architecture.

The Cathedral Quarter is the heart of Belfast City. The buildings and streets share the origin story of the city and the elegant historical buildings give meaning and character to the vibrant neighborhood. The yearly cultural events show the rich heritage of the artistic culture of Belfast and Northern Ireland.

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Cathedral Quarter

The Cathedral Quarter has 50 cultural organizations and galleries, and they come together every year to celebrate inclusive and cultural events that show the heritage of Belfast and Northern Ireland. This area of Belfast has a rich number of cafés, restaurants, and hotels.

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Let’s explore more places in Cathedral Quarter and know how to get to these places!

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Places To Go

Northern Ireland War Memorial Museum

The MI War Memorial Museum displays collections connected to Belfast Blitz, the American Forces, the Ulster Home Guard, and more. There’s a whole lot of stuff to know about the museum. So, you can check them out here:

Established Coffee

Established Coffee first opened in December 2013, and ever since then, they have been serving good coffee, service, and food up until now. The business is continuously growing by opening other branches in Belfast. To know more about them, this is their website:

Saint Anne’s Cathedral

The Saint Anne’s Cathedral serves two separate dioceses and is the focal point of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. It is also known as the Belfast Cathedral. Their services are held every day. You can know more about them on their website:

Clement’s Royal Avenue

Clement’s Royal Avenue is one of Northern Ireland’s largest chains of coffee shops and source the finest coffee beans. Their coffee is hand-roasted to ensure freshness. Visit them at

Haymarket Belfast

Haymarket Belfast is an indoor bar that serves cocktails, draught beer, and street food. This is a perfect spot for a date or a spontaneous cocktail. Check out the latest go-to bar in Cathedral Quarter, Belfast at

How to Go There

Northern Ireland War Memorial Museum to Established Coffee

With a distance of 104 meters, going to Established Coffee from the NI War Memorial Museum will only take you a 1-minute walk. All you need to do is head northwest toward Talbot St., and in about 15 meters, turn right onto Talbot St. Walk for about 71 meters, and then turn right onto Hill St., and then destination will be on the right.

Established Coffee to Saint Anne’s Cathedral

From Established Coffee to Belfast Cathedral, head northwest on Hill St. toward Talbot St., and in about 18 meters, continue onto Exchange St. W. Walk for about 41 meters, and you’re at Saint Anne’s Cathedral.

Saint Anne’s Cathedral to Clement’s Royal Avenue

When you decide to take William St. to get to Clement’s royal Avenue from Belfast Cathedral, head northwest on Donegall St. toward Writer’s Square. Walk about 10 meters, and then turn left toward William St. Turn right onto William St. after walking for 61 meters, and then in 75 meters, Clement’s Royal Avenue will be on the right.

Clement’s Royal Avenue to Haymarket Belfast

Walking to Haymarket Belfast from Clement’s Royal Avenue will take you 2 minutes. The distance between the two locations is about 132 meters. All you have to do is head southwest on Royal Ave. toward Kent St. Haymarket will be on the right.