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City Centre, Belfast

We love Belfast. Its home to some of the most stunning architecture in the world and home to our humble business, Cleaning Contractors NI. We provide carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning along with our other cleaning services to clients throughout Belfast.

The term Belfast is derived from the Irish language; it means the mouth of the sand-bank ford. It is the largest city in Northern Ireland as well as its capital city. It is found at the banks of the Lagan River and it is among the largest cities in the UK. Despite it being an island, it has a population of around 344,000 people. In ancient times, there was a partition in the republic of Ireland that caused a lot of damage in Belfast, this brought its economy down. Even more recently, there was a conflict that was called The Troubles. Belfast City Centre was among the most dangerous cities in the world in the 1970s.

Belfast became a major port in the 1900s and it had a key role in the revolution in Ireland. This made Belfast become among the biggest producers of linen globally. This brought about its nickname, ‘Linen polis’. It was granted city status in 1889, and at that time, the linen industry was flourishing. Not only did it produce linen, but also tobacco and ropes.

Belfast was common with ship making, it played a key part in the construction of the Titanic, the world’s biggest ship to date. Today, Belfast has a major missile production company. It has ports that act as commercial docks and two major airports that enable transportation of goods and passengers.
With the advancement in technology, Belfast City Centre has had rapid changes including a $600 million regeneration at the city center. So advanced is the city, that in 2019 it was named among the best places to visit in the world. However, the place is not fully stable, this is due to the tensions that occur from time to time. Its ancient buildings are among the few still in place to date. Belfast grew rapidly in the 19th century; it went from being a market to a city.

It boasts a high number of tourist visits in the past 20 years due to its social amenities. Belfast also has several joints where you can chill and spend time with your loved ones. A study conducted in 2018 stated that Belfast is the best place to live in Britain. Belfast city center is made up of several major towns that created a metropolitan. It was chosen as the main administrative point. With many places to visit at its name, it remains a place of interest to anyone looking forward to traveling.

City Centre, Belfast
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