Eastside, Belfast

Eastside has been growing so fast over the recent years. It has currently been flocking with retailers ranging from some common shopping centers to some artsy self-sufficient boutiques.

The area is home to a large number of bars, cafes, and bistros around the Conn’s Water River. This has resulted to the making of a very vibrant town in terms of business; people visit from far and wide to have fun and spend some cash, or for investment opportunities.

This area also has an Eastside Visitor Centre which is located at the heart of east Belfast, on the Newtownwards Road. The center serves as a very good source of all the information that a tourist would need to know about famous tourist attraction sites or famous faces and by this have a vast wealth of a visitor’s experience.

Right from the Visitor Centre, there’s a number of trails leading out of the Centre towards St Mark’s Church where the famous C.S Lewis was made a Christian in the year 1899. The trails also lead to the scenery that inspired some of Van Morrison’s famous hit songs. These tracks ensure easy access to these particular places that give one the thrill of being at the same spot as the celebrities.

Eastside is also a hub of culture and creativity. After the exit of initial factories that employed people in sectors like linen making, rope making, and some on shipyards, people had to look for alternative means of survival. This led to the boom of creativity and now, the Eastside is the venue of a number of festivals including the annual Eastside Arts Festival.

Growing Greenways plans have also been currently launched in the Eastside. The plans aim to have a wider network of Greenways all across east Belfast. The execution of these plans will surely bring huge benefits to Eastside in ways like; funding of an eight year research project, and reconstruction of the Connswater(PARC).

In case you are travelling or visiting Belfast and need to dine in some high-end restaurants, attend an event, or even bench-mark as a businessman, then the Eastside is the place to be. A town that has been running for decades like this one will surely have so much to offer in terms of ideas, inspiration, or maybe opportunities while at the same time enjoying oneself.

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EastSide is an environmentally focused urban area and is now a hub for creativity, arts, and design. It showcases Belfast’s industrial past and will give a glimpse of its troubled past. Its regenerative development focuses on Positioning EastSide, Empowering EastSide, Creating Experiences, and Sustaining for the Future.

EastSide, however, is also home to tourist attractions, events, and restaurants. We will be talking a little about them in this article and directions to get there.

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Places To Go

EastSide Visitor Centre

This visitation center offers guided tours to tourists coming into EastSide. In their website, https://www.visiteastside.com/, they also offer to let an EastSider talk to you. Their website has information about places you want to visit in EastSide.

Orchard Café

This café was awarded as the Best Eatery in East Belfast. Aside from their delicious food, they are also very inclusive when it comes to hiring people to be part of their team. They believe that people with learning disabilities can achieve their employment aspirations. Visit their website at https://www.orchardville.com/.

Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory

In Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory, you will be able to see the old-time making of candy. You will witness how chocolates, and honeycomb are made. You can visit their website at https://www.auntsandras.com/.

Connswater Community Greenway

This greenway measures 9 kilometers and follows the course of three rivers in Belfast namely: Connswater, the Knock, and the Loop. To know more about this, visit their website at: https://www.connswatergreenway.co.uk/.

Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip offers coffee and donuts made in house and fresh every single morning. In their website, they also offer coffee subscriptions and merch. Check them out at https://www.guilttripcoffee.com/

How to Go There

EastSide Visitor Centre to Orchard Café

In order to get to the Orchard Café from the Eastside Visitor Centre, you will need to head east on Newtownards Rd/A20 toward E Bread St. Walk about 108 meters, and you’ll reach your destination. It will be on the right.

Orchard Café to Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory

You might want to take a car with you when going from the Orchard Café to the candy factory because the distance between the two locations is 1609 meters. Head south on Bloomfield Ave. toward Ashdale St. And then, turn right onto Beersbridge Rd/B505. In about 966 meters, sharp left onto Castlereagh Rd/A23. The candy factory will be on the left.

Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory to Connswater Community Greenway

If you decide to take the road of Clara St. and Beersbridge Rd/B505, you will need to head southeast on Castlereagh Rd/A23 toward Clara St., and in 52 meters, turn left onto Clara St., and then turn right onto Beersbridge Rd/B505. Turn right, and then turn left onto Linen Gardens.

Connswater Community Greenway to Guilt Trip

To get to Guilt Trip, head northeast on Linen Gardens toward Woodcot Ave., and then turn right onto Woodcot Ave. Turn right onto Hyndford St., turn left onto Dunraven Ave., and then turn right onto Greenville Rd. Turn left onto Grand Parade, and then finally, turn right onto Orangefield Ln.