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Holyland, Belfast

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Holyland is a quiet residential area located south of Belfast, North Ireland. Located just behind the Queen’s University of Belfast, Holyland is home to several streets with religious names like: Jerusalem Street, Damascus Street, Palestine Street, Cairo Street, and Carmel Street. These streets got their names from the places that the founders of this neighborhood had visited, including Cairo, Damascus, and Egypt. The founders borrowed from the places they visited, taking bits of architecture and designs to develop this neighborhood. This residential area is nested in between Botanic Gardens, River Lagan, Ormeau Road, and University Street.

Although originally a residential place, Holyland is now home to many students from within and outside Bolton, spiking property growth in the area. Brown McConnell Clark, under sir Robert McConnell is the one who laid out the foundation for this neighborhood. As time grows, the town has tremendously transformed due to population increase. It has a dense population with a majority of terraced houses, with most of them occupied by students and the middle working class. The town is also a lively place with tones of celebrations and partying from students and local holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day.

Holyland’s demographic structure has incredibly changed over time due to the increase in the number of economic and social activities, among them education. Being an education hub, Holyland has attracted many investors into the region to invest in accommodation and other ventures related to education, such as the food market. The area’s population has dramatically shifted to a current 90% level from the initial catholic and protestant population to a mixture of religions fueled by the growth of education.

A considerable part of Holland’s economy depends on the presence of students in the area as they make the biggest portion of its population. Different activities connect from this factor, creating a vibrant economy in this neighborhood. It has created affordable accommodation, bettered the standards of living while encouraging different businesses in the region.

Holyland has transformed culturally over the years, accommodating tones of cultures, religious beliefs, and practices. These increments in cultural and religious tolerance have grown from the presence of different people from across different cultures all in one area. However, a considerable number of the students belong to the Christian faith. What’s more is that Holyland, like most north Ireland towns, is home to different sporting activities with football being the most preferred. However, due to the mix of different people, Holyland boasts a mixture of sporting activities, including indoor and outdoor sports.

Holyland Belfast
Holyland Belfast
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