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Lyric Theatre, Belfast

We love the City of Belfast. Its our home, home to our successful business and home to hundreds of residential and commercial clients who love our carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning services.

Lyric Theatre is Northern Ireland’s full-time producing theatre that was previously known as The Lyric Players. This theatre was established by an Irish theatre director called Mary O’Malley. The Lyric Theatre was established in 1965, and in 2004, Lyric Theatre conducted massive campaigns and fundraising to renovate it. In 2011 the theatre was good as new. In 2014, Jimmy Fay was made the executive producer for Belfast’s Lyric Theatre following his numerous success in film productions and an award winner of the Irish Times Theatre Award.

Lyric Theatre is built with a traditional Belfast red Brick and iroko wood. With River Lagan and Stranmillis close by, visitors enjoy beautiful views. There are paints and pictures of performers who performed in the theatre years ago. Their information and history are placed on small stand sets for visitors to read. There is a vast glass wall-bound with logs to make it aesthetical. This wall is situated where the café is. During intervals, you can pick a table if you are a group or a wall stool if you are alone and enjoy a cup of coffee overlooking the river.

Lyric Theatre has lined up plays and performances depending on the seasons. For example, during Christmas, most play will be in relation to the holiday and live music with a sing-along. The production in this theatre is of high quality, and the performers are enthusiastic about their roles. Artists in Lyric Theatre can portray different characters in the same play without a change of costumes but a change in accents and speech intonations. A show in this theatre is a good plan for the family because from the variety plays one can find something suitable for the whole household. The theatre is well planned, with seats raised accordingly to give everyone an excellent visual of the stage.

Lyric Theatre is a gem in Belfast, North Ireland, and a good representation of its culture. The locals frequent the theatre than tourists and find the play dialogues very relatable to their community. There is a close-knit relationship between the artists, theatre ushers, and visitors. During intervals, before and after performances, the artists come out to interact with their audience. The ushers keep checking on the audience to make sure they are comfortable. Lyric Theatre remains relevant in the Belfast community through workshops held for young people interested in theatre productions. These workshops are means of passing and preserving the culture of Belfast, Northern Ireland, for generations to come.

Lyric Theatre Belfast
Lyric Theatre Belfast
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