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At Cleaning Contractors NI we are carpet cleaners, hard floor cleaners and upholstery cleaners in Belfast. Belfast is the city that we love and the city we work in each day providing our services. Hence why we blog about the city!

Magheradrool is located in Down county Belfast. If travelling to Drome from Saintfield, you definitely will have to pass through Magheradrool parish as it lies between the two. As a parish, Magheradrool seats on 12,552 acres of land divided between Lower Iveagh Barony and Kinelearty Barony, with one taking 628 acres and the latter the balance. Magheradrool parish is agriculturally rich as while 176 of the area is water, the remainder is top quality soil ideal for farming. Montalto, former Earl of Moira seat, lies almost close to the center. The earl of Moira is recognized as the founder of this parish. As such, his palace is still in place but currently owned by D. Kerr, Esq. Every year at Christmas, the poor in this region are given gifts from the generous contribution left behind by S.M. Johnstone, Esq.

This parish is also identified with linen, muslin and cotton weaving which is still in place today. A spectacular church with an old-time tower and spire, is located close to Ballynahinch town. The church was set up at the cost of $850 through an advanced loan in 1830. The Presbyterians, a significant percentage of this parish, are evenly spread. Magheradroll parish holds several faiths, as are the people. Apart from Presbyterians and catholic, there are also people from the Baptist, Anglican, Magheradrool parish with seven public schools with 650 children or more. One of the oldest and district schools in this parish is the intriguing and intact parochial schoolhouse. It was set up in 1824 through a lord-lieutenant’s school fund grant.

Magheradrool is culturally and historically reach. All along, it has maintained some of the ancient structures such as the earl Moira seat and ancient churches in great shape. The parish has cemeteries that have been in place for years. Some are identified to hold the remains of some of the prominent figures in the parish, such as Magennises of Kilwarlin family. Most of the cemeteries are under the different faith and churches in the parish, including Ballynahinch cemetery in Church Street under the church of Ireland. It is also a sport friendly place with a strong football following. Although it does not have many open lands, the parish has set aside several places that can be used for different sports. Additionally, being an agriculturally rich area, the parish has a robust economy supported by excellent infrastructure such as the Saintfield to Drome highway.

Magheradrool Belfast
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