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National Museums Northern Ireland, Belfast

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National Museums Northern Ireland, previously known as National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland, is located in a residential neighborhood called Cultra. Cultra is in Northern Ireland, part of the Greater Belfast. The National Museums Northern Ireland consists of the following museums.

Ulster American Folk Park
This museum has an outdoor experience and holds the history of the Irish immigration in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Ulster American Folk Park was established around Mellon house where the founding father of the Mellon banking dynasty was born. This museum houses a muster of farm animals and other agricultural products. The Irish Americans have traditional foods that visitors can sample in the museum. These foods include pumpkin pie and baked soda bread, which are prepared on the hearths of some of the buildings in the museum. This museum has log cabins and thatched cottages. It has exhibitions of products from weavers and blacksmiths from the immigration centuries.

Ulster Museum
This museum is situated in Belfast, North Ireland, and formerly known as Belfast Natural History Society. This museum houses art that the traditional Irish people developed for its aesthetics. These arts led to the introduction of an art gallery that has exhibited significant collections of contemporary textiles and fashion, modern and historical art.

Ulster Folk Museum This museum is also found in Belfast. It was established to preserve the rural culture of Northern Ireland as people were adapting modern lifestyle from the steady growth in industrialization and urbanization. The museum was created to replicate the ancient period from the countryside with livestock, farms, and cottages. The guides are dressed in traditional costumes and walk you through the museum showcasing all the Irish heritage crafts in the museum.

Ulster Transport Museum This museum is part of National Museums Northern Ireland is situated in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Its mandate is to showcase the various modes of transport used in Ireland in early history. It has a comprehensive transport collection from hoarse drawn carriages, four-wheeled bench wagon, electric tram, steam locomotive to an electric locomotive. There is also a café on site that serves Irish food to give your taste buds a taste of Irish history.

These four museums are managed by the North Ireland government by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure. They are frequented by locals and also tourists. All the museums have tour guides conversant with the history of the respective museum.

National Museums Northern Ireland, Belfast
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