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Ormeau Park, Belfast

At Cleaning Contractors NI we are carpet cleaners, hard floor cleaners and upholstery cleaners in Belfast. Belfast is the city that we love and the city we work in each day providing our services. Hence why we blog about the city!

Ormeau Park is the oldest park in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was officially opened to the general public in the year 1871. The park is owned by the Belfast City Council and has been the biggest and busiest parks in Northern Ireland. The land that it sits on was formerly an estate owned by the Dongeal family before being bought by the Belfast Corporation.

The park is a home for festivals, like the Tennents Vital that was first launched in August 2007. The festival is part of Ireland’s annual music festivals which were initially held near Botanic Gardens in the year 2002 before moving to Ormeau Park in 2007.

Ormeau Park also contains a wide range of wildlife ranging from small birds and animals like squirrels, wrens, robins, treecreepers and even coal tits. These amazing animals provide a striking beauty to the forest parks and their presence here makes the place quite enjoyable since its fun watching them in a natural habitat.

The park also has a number of field activities that include soccer and bowling. Any individual visiting the park and wishes to engage themselves in any of these activities is free to do so. The park also runs from dawn to dusk providing quality time to any tourist who wants to take their time in these fun activities.
Moreso, most parts of this park are like an arboretum, reason being, it has very high quality and mature trees. This has brought about the development of nature walks around the edge in the recent years. The experience is great since one can enjoy walking in the forest hidden amongst huge trees. A tourist can even choose to walk around with their dogs there, just for fun.
The beautiful park also has a large horticultural farm that sits on a 28-acre piece of land. The garden is full of workers, students and even tourists. It is located on Stranmillis Road in Queen’s quarter and very close to Queen’s University. The garden hosts a variety of horticultural plants and has numerous flower beds and a palm house.

Spending time at this park, guarantees one a good time. However, fun is not the only outcome that one could have. The park being surrounded by different species of trees, animals and even flowers, provides a good environment for learning and anyone willing to study a particular plant or animal, will find this a very good spot to do that.

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Cleaning Contractor Ormeau Park Belfast
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