Sailortown is in the north of Belfast City Centre. It is a working-class dockland community with a mixed population of Catholics and Protestants. Many visiting sailors from different areas of Europe and even from other countries, added to the population of this town.

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Places in the Area

The American Bar

People in Sailortown don’t really know why this bar is called The American. Back in the days, this bar was frequented by dockers, carters, and riveters. Today, it holds a lot of entertainment such as open mic, live band, and more. Visit their website at

Mission to Seafarers

The “Mission” of this organization is to provide support for men and women working at sea by compensating for the lack of facilities available for them. If you want to know more about them, their website is

St. Joseph’s Church

This church is a minor masterpiece of craftsmanship and is one of Belfast’s oldest and best-known churches worldwide. If you want the full story of this church, here is a good website to start with:

Docker’s Club

The owner wanted dockers to have their own bar four decades ago, and so he built the Docker’s Club. This was built so that these workers will have their own place to socialize, and until now, they are still going strong. To know more, here is a great article about the place from Irish News:

BT1 Apartments – James Clow

The view from these apartments is phenomenal because you get to have views of the Belfast docklands. It is located less than a 10-minute walk from the City Hall, Victoria Square, and a whole lot of shops and restaurants. To know more, visit their website at

How to Get There

The American Bar to Mission to Seafarers

The distance from these two locations is 156 meters, and it will take you a 1-minute walk. Head southwest on Short St. toward Princes Dock St., and in 8 meters, turn left onto Princes Dock St. Walk about 48 meters, and your destination will be on the left.

Mission to Seafarers to St. Joseph’s Church

It will only take you a minute to walk from Mission to Seafarers to St. Joseph’s Church because the distance is only 15 meters. Just head southeast on Princes Dock St., and then there you go, your destination.

St. Joseph’s Church to Docker’s Club

To get to Docker’s Club from St. Joseph’s Church, head northwest on Princes Dock St. toward Short St., and in about 62 meters, turn left onto Short St., and then turn left onto Pilot St. in about 55 meters. Walk about 43 meters, and then you’ll get to the Dockers Club.

Docker’s Club to BT1 Apartments – James Clow

When walking from Docker’s Club to BT1 Apartments – James Chow, it will take you 3 minutes. Heard northwest on Pilot St. toward Short St., turn right onto Short St., In about 55 meters, turn right onto Princess Dock St. Your destination will be on the right.