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Smithfield and Union Quarter, Belfast

This is one of Belfast’s quarters that got formed by the Belfast City Council in the 21st century. The quarter was initially known as Smithfield Market and Library quarter, before changing its name to the current one, in the year 2011. It is situated along the north of Belfast City Centre and extends from North Street to Frederick Street.

The Smithfield and Union quarter has Belfast’s two major newspaper companies namely; The Irish News and The Belfast Telegraph. These two newspapers are Northern Ireland’s daily sources of news and have been the only main companies doing this for decades now.

The quarter also has a Smithfield Market, which is a shopping venue that has dated back to the 19th century. The historic market is filled with numerous stalls that sell a variety of products ranging from meat, poultry, and even provisions like oils and cheese. Any one visiting here to shop or window-shop is definitely mind-blown by the different type of food products in this market.

The Smithfield and Union Quarter, also has two churches within it. They are located along Donegall Street. One is known as the Redeemer Central Church and the other one is known as St Patrick’s Catholic Church. These two spectacular buildings do provide the residents of the Quarter’s surrounding with very great places of worship.

This specific quarter is also home to Belfast’s main historical sites. These particular sites include Clifton Street’s historic cemetery that has two of the biggest famine graves in Ireland, and also the burial site of Henry Joy McCracken who happened to be among the ring leaders of the legendary United Irishmen’s rebellion in the year 1998.

A library building is also located at this quarter. The building is known as the “Skeleton of Buildings” and was formerly a warehouse before being switched to a public house. The library has been listed for environment and heritage services due to the positive impact it has had on the people.

Moreover, the Smithfield and Union Quarter is soon going to have a campus within its borders. The University of Ulser has already announced its intention to relocate its main campus from Jordanstown to here, and transferring about 13,000 of its students to the same spot. This will surely have a positive impact on the quarter’s growth and expansion.


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Smithfield and Union

Smithfield and Union is located around the north of Belfast City Centre, and its current name was adopted in 2011 established by Belfast City Centre. It is the home to the Belfast Central Library, The Irish News, and the Belfast Telegraph. And in this article, we are going to talk a little about them and quick guides to these destinations.

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Places to Visit

St. Patrick’s Church Belfast

The Church has a small relic of St. Anthony de Padua and a Medieval Arm Shrine. Vigil Masses are being held here every Saturday evening at 19:00 and on Sundays.

Redeemer Central

The Redeemer Central is a church community that gathers every Sunday at their venue. This community seeks to live the way of Jesus as they love and serve their city. If you want to know more about the community, here is their website:


Belfast Telegraph

Belfast Telegraph is a newspaper published in Belfast every day. If you want to know more about them, you can visit them at


The Irish News

Just like Belfast Telegraph, The Irish News is also a daily newspaper. To know more about their history, you can read it at


Sunflower Public House

The Sunflower Public House is a pub free of gimmicks or themes. You can visit their website at


Belfast Central Library

The Belfast Central Library is one of the first major public libraries in Ireland and is on the edge of Belfast City Centre.


How to Get There?

St. Patrick’s Church to Redeemer Central

A 1-minute walk will be enough for this 111-meter distance. All you have to do is head southeast on Donegall St. toward Royal Ave., and then turn right onto Royal Ave. Belfast Telegraph will be on the right side.


Redeemer Central to Belfast Telegraph

You might want to take a car with you when going from the Orchard Café to the candy factory because the distance between the two locations is 1609 meters. Head south on Bloomfield Ave. toward Ashdale St. And then, turn right onto Beersbridge Rd/B505. In about 966 meters, sharp left onto Castlereagh Rd/A23. The candy factory will be on the left.


Belfast Telegraph to The Irish News

When going to The Irish News from Belfast Telegraph, you need to walk a 161 meters distance and will only take 2 minutes. You have to head northeast on Royal Ave toward Donegall St., and then turn left onto Donegall St.


The Irish News to Sunflower Public House

The Sunflower House is 2 minutes away from the headquarters of the Irish News. Its distance is also about 161 meters. To get there, head southeast on Donegall St. toward Union St., and then turn right onto Union St., and then Sunflower Public House will be on the right side.


Sunflower Public House to Belfast Central Library

The distance between these locations is 131 meters and will take 2 minutes when walking. You just need to head northeast on Union St. toward Kent St., turn right onto Kent St., and then turn left onto Royal Ave. The Belfast Central Library will be found on the left side.