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SS Nomadic was launched in 1911 in Belfast as a support ship of a British shipping company called White Star Line. She was built in the United Kingdom but operated by a French crew. She was to transport passengers and supplies to and from RMS Titanic, a British passenger liner, and RMS Olympic, a British ocean liner, a lead ship in White Star Line. These ships were a trio, and SS Nomadic was the glue of the triangle. Due to the enormous size of the other two ships, they couldn’t dock in the harbor. Therefore, SS Nomadic was used to ferry passengers and their language to and from offshore.

Years later, the Cherbourg port was expanded, making it possible for the vast ships to dock in the harbor. This led to the termination of SS Nomadic services. During World War two, the Cherbourg port was destroyed, and SS Nomadic had to resume her services to the large ships. Afterward, she was bought by an individual who turned it into a floating restaurant. In 2005, Belfast Industrial Heritage began a campaign to save her from being disposed of in conjunction with other organizations.

Ever since, SS Nomadic was moved to Hamilton Graving Dock, Belfast, as a maritime heritage. SS Nomadic has had renovations done on her to avoid further deterioration. She was a luxurious ship among the other White Star Line ships and Belfast Harbors Commission and Titanic Quarter Limited made sure to conserve her interiors. Having endured World War one and two, serving as a restaurant and Paris, and being saved by Belfast people, SS Nomadic has become a tourist attraction both from the locals and foreigners.

It’s amazing how what was considered a small ship then has stood the test of times over the years to become a historic listing in the twenty-first century. SS Nomadic houses some historical pieces used by the seamen and also visuals of captains and seamen who served in this ship. There is also a café in one of the decks where tea, coffee, and other drinks are served. SS Nomadic was divided into three decks; first, second and third class. SS Nomadic was built by Titanic builders and was used to transport first-class passengers from France to the Titanic makes its history more beautiful.

SS Nomadic is an excellent piece of history that the people of Belfast will enjoy with generations to come. Following the Convid19 pandemic, most visitors are the locals.

SS Nomadic Belfast
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