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Restoring life to your Stone Flooring

Your Marble, Marble Mosaics, Limestone, Terrazzo, Travertine or Polished Stone floors may be your pride and joy and crowning features of your home or business. But with use and time they will become tired, scratched and dull. Drawing on their skill, care and craftsmanship, Cleaning Contractors NI’s qualified technicians will release your stone floor’s inner glory, restore its original lustre & character and give it pride of place in your home once more.

Marble and limestone floor polishing and cleaning is highly skilled work with no margin for error, so we are trained to the highest professional standards and we deliver the highest quality standards in our work. Our equipment, grinding and cleaning materials are sourced from leading global suppliers and we constantly update our techniques and equipment to maintain best-in-class service.

The result? Peace of mind when you engage Cleaning Contractors NI to restore your polished stone floor….and absolute delight when you see the results.

It all starts with a detailed Assessment

Marble, limestone, onyx, terrazzo, granite and travertine floors have widely ranging qualities and react differently to various grinding materials, cleaners and sealers.

That is why our first step is to accurately assess your marble or stone floor tiles, to determine the exact polishing process required to bring them back to life.

Stone Polishing & Restoration Experts In Belfast

Finely honed Diamond Cutting

Daily use and wear on your natural stone or tile floor can result in deep scratches and abrasions. Diamond polishing – also known as honing or grinding – is the most effective way to restore your natural stone surface to an ‘as new’ finish. Diamond cutting is used mostly on limestone tiles and marble tiles. It demands a skilled approach and is done by using a series of diamond abrasive pads in multiple steps, depending on the stone, type of surface and required finish.

Lippage removal for safety & aesthetics

Lippage describes when there is a variation in the height of adjoining tiles. At best it is unsightly and at worst it can be a serious trip hazard. We will remove any lippage as part of our polishing process, working in sequence from Medium, Fine and then Very Fine diamond polishing pads to achieve an even, polished finish.

Stone Polishing as you like it

Polishing is the final stage in the Diamond Cutting/grinding process. After initial stone floor polishing we use an advanced micro-fine abrasive compound to return the smooth finish to your floor, leaving either a high gloss sheen finish, or a matte surface, according to your tastes.

Sealing for a lasting finish

We use professional impregnating natural stone sealers, carefully picked out to match the specific type of stone on your floor. We also offer natural stone enhancing sealers for various stones, including slate, marble or granite. Applying a natural stone enhancer on a natural stone surface will help to bring out its innate rich colouration and texture.

Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

Polished stone floors can create a place of beauty but they may also introduce a surface where slips and falls become a real concern. Fear not. Our anti-slip floor coatings do not change the physical appearance of your floor, but they do provide a traction enhancing barrier on the surface, which greatly reduces the risk of slips and falls.

Tip-top Worktops

Sometimes your kitchen worktops need some tlc too! Pots, pans, knives and plates can take their toll on even the most robust natural stone surface, including granite. But fortunately we can apply our grinding, polishing and sealing skills to these surfaces, as well as floors. This means that no stone is left unturned when it comes to giving your work surfaces a fresh look and pride of place in the kitchen.

Stone Chip & Scratch Repairs

Do you know that annoying chip on your beautiful marble floor that’s so obtrusive to your eye? Or the unsightly blemish on your kitchen worktop that always seems to catch the light? We can make them disappear using specialist adhesives and colour matching acrylic resins with ultra-violet light curing technology.


Calcareous stone floors such as limestone and marble require little maintenance, offers excellent wear-ability and are very versatile. Yet while long-lasting, beautiful and elegant, they are also vulnerable to etching. Etching occurs when any acidic substance such as tomatoes, wine, soda or vinegar touches your stone surface, leaving a white-ish, dull mark. If the etch is really bad, you can feel it with your finger. Using our diamond cutting technology, we can treat the affected area until it shines like the rest of the floor or worktop, then apply a final seal.

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