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If you’re looking for a fully qualified, extensively trained and locally trusted floor care company that provides professional hard floor cleaning in Belfast & Northern Ireland, you’re in good hands with the technicians at Cleaning Contractors NI.
Covering: Belfast, Lisburn, Bangor, Newtownards, Carrickfergus, Antrim, Moira, Lurgan, Chapeltown, Portadown & surrounding areas

Professional Travertine Cleaning Backed by Stunning Results

Domestic and Commercial Cleaning

At Cleaning Contractors NI, we offer complete domestic and commercial floor cleaning and restoration in Belfast and surrounding areas throughout Northern Ireland.

Expected results

As a result of the comprehensive stone surface grinding service, we have the impression of so-called “spilled water”. The renewed substrate is regenerated and obtains freshness values, recovers vitality and can perform representative functions again.
In addition, the restored surfaces are characterized by a mirror gloss, an intense depth of colour. They give a completely new impression that is easier to keep clean. They are more resistant to penetration of moisture and dirt and also become non-slip.
The cleaning price is only a small percentage of the cost of making a new floor, so it is worth investing in professionals. The high quality of the coatings we use guarantees a long-lasting effect. We also offer service packages that provide constant care after the coating, which guarantees a beautiful effect for a long time.

The 3 Step Floor Restoration Process:

Preparation – First, we carry out a full assessment of the floor in order to establish the work to be carried out. We also apply protection to walls and anything on the floor such as furniture, doors and walls.

Grinding – The floor is ground down to a smooth and flat surface to remove any scuffs or scratches. By using higher and higher gradations of diamond grinding pads, the floor becomes increasingly smooth throughout the process.

Polishing & Impregnation – This is the final stage of work. We use diamond discs with a small gradation, which polish the floor to achieve a final mirror gloss. We then apply impregnating layers, which create a hard, shiny coating that protects the stone and facilitates subsequent maintenance. The coating protects the floor surfaces, protecting them from staining or penetration of moisture.

Trusted Locally

Over the years, we have developed great relationships with other local businesses throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland, and are trusted throughout the local communities for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Quality Assurance

The technicians at Cleaning Contractors NI are committed to completing your project quickly and efficiently, ensuring you’re completely satisfied with the results we produce.

Extensive Knowledge

Combining years of experience with deep insight into carpet cleaning, upholstery care and hard floor restoration, we’re able to produce the best possible results, every time.

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee to provide an honest & professional service, start and finish on an agreed time, treat your property with care, and offer a full follow up service should you need it.

We choose the right number of employees and equipment for each order to perform the service quickly but effectively. We also wash office floors at night and on weekends. We work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Recently porcelain and ceramic floors have become very popular, as an alternative to wood, vinyl or carpeting. Porcelain can also resemble expensive stones like granite or marble. To protect it and preserve the ‘new’ look, its very important these floors are looked after properly. Otherwise, restoration could be a very expensive process. When it comes to porcelain and ceramic flooring in Northern Ireland, our methods achieve exceptional results.
Please contact Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist if your porcelain or ceramic floors at home or your business premises require restoration. With care and attention, we will bring your tiles to life. Our experts make your floor shine once again and by adding sealant to your floors, will preserve their great look for longer and protect them from everyday ‘wear and tear’.
Grout cleaning is a part of our service. Many people think this a simple process. That is not always the case. Porcelain and ceramic flooring have uneven and pitted surfaces, which makes cleaning it very difficult. That is why specialist equipment and appropriate chemicals are needed.
They are used to get deep down into the grouting to remove dirt and discolouration.
Grout is then sealed to prevent future discolouration. This helps to achieve a fresh look and improve the appearance of your tiles.
When it comes to porcelain and ceramic floor cleaning, here at Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist, we are the experts. We have the knowledge and we are accessible.
If you have ever attempted to polish travertine floors by yourself your likely to realize that the original lacquer, sheen and its amazing look is almost impossible to get back. They require specialist care and correct maintenance to preserve their grand look and high shine.
To have perfectly polished floors, a team of experts is essential.
We will bring your travertine floors back to life. Our secret to travertine effective polishing contains three elements – cleaning equipment, industrial grade materials and craftsmen who know their trade.
Our services go beyond a quick buff and polish. We are sealing your flooring with robust, odour-free sealer’s and impregnators, that protect your floors from spills, dirt and many staining materials. Our travertine floor polishing services promise to deliver every time.
Our leading team of experts have experience and consistently deliver genuine expertise on travertine floor care. We have mastered a method for travertine restoration to complete the job in a fraction of the time, unlike the traditional methods. We save time – you save the money.

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