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Victoria Park, Belfast

At Cleaning Contractors NI we are carpet cleaners, hard floor cleaners and upholstery cleaners in Belfast. Belfast is the city that we love and the city we work in each day providing our services. Hence why we blog about the city!

Victoria Park is located at Belfast which is the capital of Northern Ireland. The park is a well-hidden Gem and has been a treasure to the residents of Ireland and beyond for a number of decades now. The park was opened in the year 1906. However, it was due to open at an earlier year, but the plan could not come to life since the area was a bit marshy and needed some draining first.

One of the park’s major attraction site, is its lake, which also serves as home to a wide range of iconic birds that include swans, herons, geese, ducks and even migrant waders. The birds add to the beauty of the park and their presence there attracts a lot of people from different parts or Ireland and beyond.

Victoria Park also has a beautiful island which is totally man-made. It is built from dredged substances collected from the lough. On the island are some playing fields, where the visitors of the park are welcome to indulge in physical exercise or any game that they are comfortable with. One could choose to play football or even run around the field, either for fun or exercise.

In addition to that, the park has quite a number of tracks that loop around its lake and island. These tracks also connect the park to the Titanic Quarter through the Sam Thompson Bridge and also connect it to the Connswater Community Greenway. They very much provide an easy and fun movement around the park for anyone visiting the park even for the first time.

The park also provides an opportunity for tourists to have fun through activities such as working out in their gymnasium, bowling at their pavilion and there is also a BMX track. Anyone visiting the park can choose to engage themselves in any of these activities and they will definitely have some fun.

Victoria Park is also a good site for nature walks. The forest and the numerous trails that have been made inside it, provide a suitable environment for one to take some strolls around while enjoying the natural beauty of the park. This also includes strolls with one’s dog since there is plenty of room for that.

The feeling of having a real thrill during your vacation, or stay in the UK, comes alive after visiting the Victoria Park. There is a big assurance of having a good time, just by looking at the services and activities that the park provides. The park itself is also home to a range of wild creatures hence serving as a good spot to even hangout or chill while watching them.

Victoria Park, Belfast
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