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Upholstery Cleaning Service in Northern Ireland

You love nothing more than melting into your favourite chair or sofa to watch Netflix after a hard day’s work.

When it’s time for bed, there’s no better feeling than getting in when it has fresh, clean sheets.

The thing is, we spend a lot of our lives reading, sleeping and watching tv.

As a result, your upholstery starts to suffer from stains, spots, smells, bugs, dirt and much more.

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Get rid of stubborn stains, spots, smells and damage.

You’ve tried DIY home remedies.

They don’t work.

A spray of Fabreze can’t mask deeply ingrained smells or stains, unfortunately.

Nor will some baking soda and a hoover eliminate the microscopic bugs and bacteria that have made a home in your mattress.

And let’s face it, your upholstery items are expensive, so buying a new bed, chair, or mattress every time it gets dirty or damaged isn’t a great idea.

But there’s another way; Cleaning Contractors NI can give all your upholstery items a thorough cleaning.

You’ll increase their lifespan and get that feeling of fresh bedding every single time at a fraction of what it would cost to replace them.

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"I have been a customer of Causeway Cleaning for 10 years now and have found them to be very efficient, reliable, honest and flexible when required."

Paddy B.
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Why you’ll LOVE Cleaning Contractors NI

Save thousands of pounds by reviving instead of replacing your upholstery.
Cleaning Contractors NI is one of only two WoolSafe® approved technicians in Northern Ireland.
Top-quality, pet and human-friendly cleaning solutions.
Your upholstery will be cleaned, dried and ready for use in just a couple of hours.
Gets rid of nasty bugs, bacteria and foul smells.
Kills all parasites and removes stubborn stains.
Removes all pet hair.
Extends the life of your upholstery.
Revives damaged and worn upholstery.
Premium stain protection and deodoriser service available with each clean.
Brings back colours and vibrancy to even the most tired-looking and worn upholstery items.

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What makes us special

Did you know?

Have you bought a luxurious carpet or rug from Axeminister, Ulster Carpets, or another well-known carpet retailer?

To maintain your warranty, you need to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year by a WoolSafe® approved technician.

We’ve great news for you; Cleaning Contractors NI is one of only two WoolSafe® approved technicians in Northern Ireland.

As a result of that commitment to learning, Cleaning Contractors NI is one of the most accredited and highly trained companies in Northern Ireland.

We’re proud to be the only cleaning company in Northern Ireland with an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

And we’re one of only two WoolSafe®, and CleanSeal® approved technicians in Northern Ireland.

We’re the only WoolSafe® Approved Carpet Inspector in Northern Ireland.

Causeway Cleaning is also a National Carpet Cleaning Association Advance member, and a Trade Mark assured company.

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Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Get a FREE quote.

The experts at Cleaning Contractors NI will briefly talk with you and provide a quotation.

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We’ll transform and freshen your carpets, hard floors and upholstery.

Cleaning Contractors NI’s team of cleaning specialists will get to work and leave you with long-lasting, top-quality results.

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Sparkling, fresh and stain-free.

We use the latest cleaning technology in machinery and products, and we’ll have your carpets, upholstery and hard floors cleaned and sanitised quickly and hassle-free.

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