Terms & Conditions


You agree to these contractual terms via one of these methods: email, telephone, or on the Cleaning Contractors NI website.

By agreeing, you, the client, are required to return a purchase order and will be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Cleaning Contractors NI.

The quote you have received is valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation.

After thirty days, Cleaning Contractors NI reserves the right to amend or update the quotation.


Full payment is due immediately after Cleaning Contractors NI has completed the work.

If payment is not received within seven days of the invoice’s date, we reserve the right to pass your details on to our collections team.

If our collections team are involved, there will be an additional administrative charge of £100+VAT or 20% of the invoice value, whichever is greater.


Cleaning Contractors NI takes immense pride in our work, and all projects are carried out with total transparency, integrity and honesty.

As a result, we believe it’s essential to make you fully aware of potential issues you may encounter while cleaning and restoring floors and furnishings.

Cleaning Contractors NI is highly trained and knowledgeable, and we’ll use this vast experience to clean and restore your floors and furnishings.

Our main aim with every cleaning project is to restore your floor or furnishing back – as close as possible – to its original condition.

To achieve this, we may occasionally use products that could cause issues in surrounding areas.

We will take every precaution and preventative measure to avoid this; however, we cannot guarantee that some remedial work will be necessary after our work is completed.


Occasionally, although relatively rare, paintwork can blister, or varnish can crack.

In addition, skirting boards and kickboards might have visible light marks.

As a result, some light re-decoration work may be required after completing our work, which will be at your own expense.

It’s important to remember that, over time, painted surfaces fade or slightly change colour, so touch-up paint might stand out.

Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of these potential issues before you agree on your project with Cleaning Contractors NI.


  • Please remove all furniture from the room that requires cleaning or restoration, such as stone/tile cleaning, LVT stripping and sealing. If the furniture is still in the room upon our arrival, we may charge extra for moving it unless we’ve agreed otherwise with you in writing beforehand.
  • Upon arrival, if we note that your furniture has yet to be moved, we will try our best not to damage it, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage that might occur during or after sanding and finishing your floor.
  • Before we arrive, please disconnect all internet and telephone cables, including modems and telephones. Should these remain on arrival, any damage will be your responsibility.
  • We assume that your electrical circuit is fit for purpose, but if you’re unsure, please contact your electrician for advice before our arrival. Cleaning Contractors NI cannot be held liable for faulty mains electrics, and if our equipment trips your power, this may mean the circuit is not powerful enough for us to carry out our work adequately.
  • Before cleaning or restoration, we patch-test all our professional products to ensure no adverse reaction. However, in rare instances, adverse reactions can come to light hours after the work is completed. We will do everything we can to minimise this risk and take all reasonable steps to correct any issues. However, we cannot be held responsible for outcomes beyond our control.
  • If, in the unlikely event, you object to any of our terms and conditions, you must make Cleaning Contractors NI aware of your objection in writing within a reasonable time frame, in this case, at least 48 hours

before the work is due to begin. Once you request the appointment to proceed, Cleaning Contractors NI will assume you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions.


After we’ve completed your cleaning project, we’ll verbally explain the individual after-care instructions.

However, for most cleaning jobs, the below instructions are usually a good idea to keep in mind.

  • While we’re cleaning or restoring your floor, please avoid walking on it to prevent re-soiling of the prepared floor before the finish or sealer is applied to it.
  • If we work in your kitchen to renovate the kitchen floor, you’ll experience unavoidable but necessary kitchen access issues. Instead, we recommend you avoid the kitchen for the duration and make alternative meal arrangements (for example, a takeaway). It’s also worth considering moving your smaller appliances to another room for use; for example, if you want tea/coffee during the day, move your kettle into your living room or another space.
  • To adequately carry out a final inspection of the completed restoration work, you should view it from a standing position of at least five feet up and two feet away under standard lighting. Glare from flood lighting or larger windows may magnify any irregularities in completed floors. However, this alone cannot determine acceptability.
  • Once we’ve completed cleaning or restoration of your floors, you should follow a consistently thorough and strict maintenance regime to ensure long-lasting results. Cleaning Contractors NI will provide maintenance guidelines that we highly recommend you follow.
  • Over time, floors will get dirty. Remember, floors will only look their best and stay clean when treated correctly. As a result, Cleaning Contractors NI cannot be held responsible if your floors re-soil due to incorrect maintenance.
  • If maintenance guidelines are not strictly followed, you may cause damage to the finish and floor, which will invalidate your warranty.
  • If you want hassle-free floor care, consider subscribing to our low-cost monthly subscription service, which includes regular professional cleaning and refinishing.
  • If your floor is walked on before the finish is completely dried, it will potentially result in visible footprints in the finish. These can only be removed with an additional service of re-sanding and cleaning. To avoid this, please ensure foot traffic enters the area only after all work is completed and until the new finish or sealer is dried.
  • In the fourteen days immediately after Cleaning Contractors NI has completed your job, avoid dragging heavy objects across the floor, as this can cause damage.
  • You trust us to do the best work in your home or office. However, stubborn stains are occasionally impossible to remove from floors or furnishings. If we’ve made a committed effort to get the best results, but stains or marks remain visible, we reserve the right to offer our professional opinion and advise against further attempts to remove marks or stains.
  • Repair of such issues explained above are not costed or contained within your original quotation and will be the customer’s responsibility unless expressly agreed in writing with Cleaning Contractors NI beforehand.
  • All products we use on your floor are high-quality, professional cleaning products that provide unrivalled protection against most spills and are explicitly designed to enhance the natural beauty of your floors and furnishings. However, both floors and furnishings can be easily stained before curing fully.
  • In the fourteen days after we’ve completed work, avoid liquid spills, and if any occur, ensure they are cleaned up as a matter of urgency.
  • While all our products are top-of-the-range, some everyday liquids can penetrate any finish. These include urine, household cleaning products and anything containing food dye such as orange juice, ice lollies, Ribena etc. If any of these should end up on your floor, we advise you to mop them up immediately to avoid the potential of long-term staining.


As a customer of Cleaning Contractors NI, you will be subject to full or partial payment, at the company's discretion, if cleaning work is cancelled within 24 hours of the commencement time. All rights are reserved.


Cleaning Contractors NI strives to consistently deliver our customers the best service and outstanding results.

However, if you are unsatisfied with any of the completed work, our complaints procedure is as follows:

  1. Any complaints or feedback must be received in writing by email or post within 48 hours of completion of cleaning and restoration.
  2. If you have photographs, please email these to us within 48 hours.
  3. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your email.
  4. We will thoroughly investigate your complaint within seven working days of receiving it.
  5. All feedback and complaints are taken seriously, and we will arrange a potential follow-up visit to your home or premises by telephone.
  6. Underpinning everything at Cleaning Contractors NI is ensuring every customer is happy; if necessary, we will arrange a re-clean or working of the areas you’ve highlighted.
  7. If after we’ve conducted a re-clean or remedial action and cannot rectify the issue, we will inform you of this.
  8. Throughout the process, we will be transparent with you and identify and share any findings.
  9. If we have made a mistake that cannot be rectified, we will arrange a full or partial refund within fourteen days from the findings' date.
  • If we conclude that results are not linked with our work quality or service delivery, we will advise you to contact the NCCA to arrange a third-party opinion through its dispute resolution service (DRS). You will be liable for this cost.
  • Once you’ve contacted NCCA, they will arrange for an independent inspector to review your complaint. Their findings are impartial and reported back to you.
  • If the NCCA finds that Cleaning Contractors NI is at fault, we will refund you the total cost of the inspector within fourteen days.
  • If the NCCA’s independent investigation is found in your favour, we will take the necessary steps to correct the issues based on the independent inspector’s report.
  • Please note that we do not replace new for old. However, should any items require replacement, we can pay for the value of the single items in question.

STONE, LVT (Luxury Vinyl/ Sheet Vinyl) TILE CLEANING

Cleaning Contractors NI uses hot water at high pressure during the cleaning process to rinse off our cleaning products from your floor.

As a result, occasionally, there can be incidents where some water ingress is evident on the bases of wooden kitchen units.

Most of the time, this dries out without any issues.

However, it’s important to note that a faint watermark may become visible once dry, along with some cracking.

If your kitchen units are manufactured from chipboard or MDF, there is a possibility that water might soak into the base of the chipboard or MDF, which can cause them to swell and expand.

If MDF or chipboards expand, they typically do not return to their previous condition. This, unfortunately, can be unavoidable.

Occasionally despite our best efforts, some stubborn stains from the grout lines cannot be removed, nor can all deep scratches and dirt.

In most cases, in our experience, however, grout cleans up almost like new.

In our experience, small patches of deep stains around cookers and sink areas are impossible to remove entirely.

Through our cleaning process, we will expose any weak grout by washing it away.

The downside of this is that if there are cracks in the grout, loose grout or a previously invisible air pocket below the surface, our cleaning will expose this, resulting in the need for re-grouting, which is an additional charge (does not apply to Amtico, Karndean and LVT).The dressings and sealers we apply to your floor offer unrivalled protection against oil and water-based spills, designed to enhance the natural beauty of your floor.

Occasionally, we need to use a solvent-based seal, which may create an odour during drying.

If this is the case, please ensure that your home is well-ventilated during the drying process and for a short period afterwards.

Sometimes, a lingering smell can remain for several days if the tile or stone is porous.

After we have sealed your floor, there should be no foot traffic in the area for a minimum of six hours after applying the final coat.

Footprints or marks in the seal may leave a permanent print on the floor that Cleaning Contractors NI may be unable to remove.

Should we attempt footprint removal, this will incur an additional charge as we will have to re-strip the floor.

Drying time is impacted by two factors: humidity and airflow.

If your floor is still not dry after six hours, it is your responsibility to remain off the floor until it is completely dry.

Please inform us of this right away during our regular office hours.

Once Cleaning Contractors NI has done a professional deep clean and the seal is completed, your floor requires a thorough and consistent maintenance routine.

We can provide you with maintenance guidelines, which should be followed to maintain your floor’s quality and lifespan.PARKING

Cleaning Contractors NI uses several high-quality cleaning solutions, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and tools.

As a result, we require a parking space nearby your home or office for our van.

Please make us aware of any parking restrictions before us starting work.

If we need parking permits, the customer should supply these during our working hours.

In the event of parking costs, we reserve the right to pass any parking costs on to you.


Access to your property and any confidential information should be given to Cleaning Contractors NI where necessary to allow our team of cleaners access to carry out the work.

Keys, alarm codes, access codes etc., will be retained and used by Cleaning Contractors NI’s management and supervisor only.

If a key, lock or access method is lost, stolen or damaged, Cleaning Contractors NI will fully reimburse all costs involved in changing locks upon receipt of a valid invoice.


Cleaning Contractors NI aims to complete all work to the highest standards.

We will take all precautions and gentle care while cleaning curtains and loose fabric coverings to ensure your satisfaction.

However, as professional cleaners, we must highlight potential issues with cleaning certain fabrics.


If there is no care label, this may indicate that the manufacturer or retailer has not had the fabric tested adequately to ensure it is cleanable.

Without a care label, it is impossible to determine whether your item will clean to an acceptable standard by pre-screening it.


Fabrics are frequently produced under heat set and tension.

Occasionally, during a professional cleaning, a subsequent relaxation of the fabric can occur, causing shrinkage.

As a result, many curtain manufacturers allow a 5% tolerance for shrinkage, which might be recoverable during the finishing process.


Fabrics exposed to everyday atmospheric conditions such as sunlight can experience weakened fibres.

To the human eye, this will appear as faded areas or split materials along edges and fold lines.

Such damage isn’t always apparent before cleaning.


Window condensation can cause curtains to become cold and damp at night and warm and dry during the day.

This continual process of drying and damping occasionally produces watermarks, particularly on loose covers and linings, and after cleaning, they may appear brown in colour.


If your curtains are made with metal rings to hang from a rail, in our experience, the material around the ring can come out during a professional cleaning process.

This rarely happens and is unfortunately outside our control.


Occasionally, some manufacturers may use a thermal lining to make your curtains.

If these have experienced sunlight, they can delaminate during the process and peel, which is out of our control.

If this happens, you can replace the lining, and we can provide a quotation for you to carry this out.


Rarely, but in some instances, stitching can relax over time and hems, seams, and backing may become loose or undone.

Additionally, stitches may break during a professional cleaning due to the weight of the curtains inside the cleaning system.

If this happens, additional charges may apply to correct this.


As noted above, some specialist fabrics require a delicate cleaning process.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to remove stubborn stains.

For example, liquid spills may leave irreversible, permanent marks.

As a result, dry cleaning will not necessarily deliver the most outstanding results.

However, we will aim to improve the look of your items.

In some cases involving rayon or cellulosic fibres, these can turn brown after processing, which is irreversible and is out of Cleaning Contractors NI’s control.


Some fabrics can change colour after a professional cleaning due to the dyes used in manufacturing.

This is predominately due to PH changes during a professional cleaning and can be reversed by reversing the PH level.

However, this isn’t always possible. In this instance, we advise you to contact the item’s manufacturer.


Cleaning Contractors NI is fully insured by public and employers' liability.


Cleaning Contractors NI reserves the right to occasionally change, update or remove parts from our Terms and Conditions.

It is your responsibility to ensure you agree to the latest version.


As our customer, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of our privacy policy.


Cleaning Contractors NI is committed to protecting the privacy of anyone using our website and the confidentiality of any information you supply to the company.

Therefore, this statement aims to set out how we use any personal information we obtain from you.


Cleaning Contractors NI complies with the 1998 Data Protection Act in all our dealings with your data.


In most cases, when you visit our website, you will do so without revealing any private information about yourself.

However, if you contact Cleaning Contractors NI through our website, you’ll be asked for details such as your name, email address, contact number, and enquiry details.

This data will be stored in our systems for a limited period until we have answered your query or completed your job.


(a) To register you with our website and to administer it.
(b) For assessment and analysis, e.g., marketing, customer and product analysis, to enable us to review, develop and improve our services.

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