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If you’re looking for a fully qualified, extensively trained and locally trusted floor care company that provides domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services in Belfast & Northern Ireland, you’re in good hands with the highly skilled carpet cleaners at Cleaning Contractors NI. We pride ourselves on cleaning results and excellent customer service and our reputation speaks volumes!


Cleaning Carpets & Upholstery In: Antrim, Ballyclare, Ballymena, Belfast, Carrickfergus, Larne, Lisburn, Newtonabbey & More


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Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Belfast

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Domestic and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Belfast

Cleaning Contractors NI offers professional and thorough carpet cleaning in homes and offices throughout Belfast. We have been providing professional carpet cleaning and floor cleaning Belfast and surrounding areas throughout NI since 2010.

It might seem that carpet cleaning & floor cleaning does not require any specialist knowledge and anyone can do it. We agree – everyone can do it, but not everyone can do it right.

Our years of floor cleaning experience have proven that the behavior of a carpet or covering in a condition that does not reveal their age requires an approach to keeping them clean in a competent manner.

Our company guarantees the highest level and professionalism of cleaning services with the use of specialized equipment and superior cleaning products. Your carpet’s and upholstery will be left clean, free from odours and discolouration.

Cleaning carpets reduce the risk of allergies

Periodic carpet cleaning is a guarantee of the hygiene environment for you and your family – in particular, if you have small children at these carpets. Dust mites and their droppings, which will fall in the fibres, may cause allergies and cause flammable states.

A professional carpet cleaning service should be used at least 3 times a year to reduce the development of allergens by 80%! Remember we are only a phone call away to rescue your lounge, stairs, bedroom or office carpets!

The best carpet cleaning equipment on the market.

Machines used for cleaning carpets are dedicated equipment for use on large surfaces. Column vacuum cleaners, roller scrubbers and extractors with high working pressure are our key to an efficiently performed service. We are able to handle cleaning of everything from an apartment in Belfast City Centre through to a large business premises.

Professional cleaning is different from home

Professional vacuum cleaners are susceptible to maintain the required care of carpet fibres or carpet structure – the difference of hand-cleaning is that we only rub dirt deeper, resulting in poorer soiling. The process of pulling the detergent is also of great importance, thanks to that we achieve better quality results, pleasant smell for longer.

Cleaning carpets extend their service life

Regular, periodic cleaning of carpets and liners can extend their life by up to 30%. This is because the dirty carpets are lifted upwards and the textile structure is refreshed. Professional cleaning is considered to be less than the new purchase cost – especially for your lounge & bedroom carpet.

Areas we cover include: Belfast City Centre, Belfast Harbour, Sailortown Dunmurry, Castlereagh and all other Belfast Suburbs. We also serve clients throughout NI including Lisburn, Newtownabbey, Ballyclare, Larne, Carrickfergus, Ballymena and more…

Trusted Locally

Over the years, we have developed great relationships with other local businesses throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland, and are trusted throughout the local communities for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Quality Assurance

The highly skilled carpet cleaners at Cleaning Contractors NI are committed to delivering carpet cleaning services quickly and efficiently, ensuring you’re completely satisfied with the results we produce.

Extensive Knowledge

Combining years of floor cleaning experience with deep insight into the cleaning industry, carpet cleaning, upholstery care and hard floor restoration, we’re able to produce the best possible results, every time – Guaranteed!

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee to provide an honest & professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service, start and finish on an agreed time, treat your property with care, and offer a full follow up service should you need it.

Blood Removal Service For A Carpet in Belfast
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Professional Bedroom Carpet Cleaning Belfast

Nano Stain Protector

Guarantee a Stain-Free home for 12 months peace of mind. We can protect your carpet against spills, including urine with a state of the art nano protection treatment. This nano, polymer bond doesn’t affect the look or feel of your carpets but gives them hardy protection against all permanent staining. Ideal for all carpets in your home, including your living room carpet – never worry about a carpet stain costing you money again!

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Odour Control

Common carpet odours that Cleaning Contractors NI Floor and Carpet Care Specialist can deal with: Pet odour (i.e. urine / hair), Cigarettes, Dampness and water damage, Human ‘debris’, Cooking smells, Mildew and mould. Trapped dirt and debris in your carpet can produce an unpleasant smell – the heavy use of your living room carpet can make it susceptible to odours.

Stain Removal

The very first step before removing a stain is to identify if it’s a stain or spot. The difference between them is- a ‘spot’ is only temporary discolouration of your carpet which could be removed by using a mild solution. A ‘stain’ is where a chemical agent or damage changed the colour of the fibres in your carpet. We find your that living room carpet’s and bedroom carpets are those most prone to stains.

Stages of Carpet Cleaning


We always check the type of carpet and colour stability before we start cleaning carpets, this is essential to get the very best cleaning results – and particularly important for Rug Cleaning.

We inspect and test the fibres of your carpet to distinguish the make up of your carpet, common Carpet fibres include Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, & Wool.


Depending on the type of carpet and level of soiling we might recommend low moisture cleaning (dry carpet cleaning) or Hot water extraction (sometimes referred to as Steam cleaning) using our Truckmount carpet cleaner or a Portable carpet cleaning machine where needed.


We will measure your carpet and depending on the option you would like to go for with or without protection present you with a full quote


We try to remove as much dust, dry soil, har and other dirt using a powerful commercial Vacuum cleaner.

Your hall stairs & landing carpet is most likely to contain a lot of dry soil, whereas bedroom carpets are less likely to – although carpets in each home are always different.

During the Rug Cleaning process we may turn the rug over and beat the back of the rug to release dirt from deep inside your rug.


We remove local dirt from difficult spots after food, juices, ink, nail polish, plasticine, chewing gum and many others.

Bedroom carpets (make-up) and Lounge carpets (food stains) are the most commonly stained carpets, but no matter where the stain may be you can be sure we can help, even if its on your prized corner sofa or bang in the middle of your lounge carpet!

In offices we often remove blu tack along with tea and coffee stains – be sure to phone us if we can assist you!


Our expert carpet cleaners spray your carpet with only right cleaning agent making sure they wont cause any to damage the fibre of your carpet, ensuring we get the best results for you.

When selecting the best chemical we will take into consideration if the carpet is in a home with children and animals or at a business premises.

The incorrect cleaning product choice can be harmful to your carpet’s, thats why we invest money & time into the expertise of our staff – ensuring we provide the best  maintenance for your carpets.


We using special Agitation machine-like TM3 or TM4 to brush all chemicals into the carpet and bring remaining dirt to the surcease.

When it comes to stairs and landing cleaning we use manual agitation when mechanical is not possible – ensure the the very best carpet cleaning service for your home of business premises.


Our carpet cleanings use our powerful Truckmount carpet cleaner to throughly clean your carpet. We inject 120C steam into the carpet and extra at the same time. After this process of cleaning carpets they are not only fully deep clean but also disinfected.

The whole process leaves carpet cleaning results that you will be proud of!


Customer Service is the area in which we totally excel, when you choose to use Cleaning Contractors NI you can rest assured that your satisfaction is assured and we are renowned for our level of customer service.

Upholstery Cleaning

We offer specialist Upholstery Cleaning Services throughout Belfast to go along side our carpet and floor cleaning services. If you choose us for upholstery cleaning services then you can rest assured that our team will clean your upholstery with the utmost care and attention to detail using market leading upholstery cleaning equipment.

We often get asked about:

Leather Cleaning – As a specialist cleaning company we are fully trained and insured for cleaning your leather along with your carpets and upholstery

Stain Removal – We love the challenges that come with stain removal services and are experts at removing stains from all fabric types, including Leather.

Colour Restoration – We much prefer to focus on delivering the highest level of cleaning results possible, so do not currently provide re-colouring services.

Curtain Cleaning – Unfortunately, although we are fully trained and insured for types of fine fabric cleaning we do not offer curtain cleaning services. Curtain cleaning simply does not fit with our service range at this point in time.

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