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Blackstaff Stop, Belfast

Here at Cleaning Contractors NI we love Belfast. The city is a passion of ours!  We write about Belfast, and provide carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning along with our other cleaning services to commercial and domestic clients throughout Northern Ireland.

Despite being a small town, Blackstaff Stop has over the years been a magnet for property buyers and sellers. It offers a serene and quiet atmosphere to residents, unlike the busy and hectic life of the big cities.

Blackstaff Stop is synonymous with a lavish countryside that is perfect for nature strolls and family time. You can never run short of entertainment spots in Blackstaff Stop thanks to its numerous pubs, churches, and other social facilities. It is also a major tourist attraction town due to the presence of national Museums that are home to some of the most important traditional artifacts in the country. Security is beefed up in the area and recent research showed that it is among the safest places to visit in the world.

Blackstaff Stop is admired by many people due to its beauty, especially in the city center. It is located at a central place, allowing visits from tourists coming from all over the world. It is no doubt that every tourist around Belfast insists on visiting this place. There are many places tourists can choose to visit such as; the Shankill Road, The Imela Graveyard among others. Your trip to Blackstaff Stop will always remain memorable due to the many historic sites.

Belfast City goes way back to the Iron Age, but it acquired its city status in the 19th century. It is the capital city of Northern Ireland. It was a leading industrial center in its recent history although the industries collapsed at the end of the century, especially the shipbuilding industry. Belfast’s City history is also known to have had a very bad conflict between Catholics and Protestants which forced the partitioning of the city to serve both beliefs.

Belfast is a cosmopolitan city famed for the Titanic Studios where the famous Game of Thrones was shot. There are many places to visit in Belfast such as;

  • Botanic gardens- this is a public park in Belfast that covers around 30 acres of land that are mainly occupied with offices and rental spaces.
  • Sir Thomas park- this is most arguably the most known park in Belfast. It hosts the Belfast International Garden that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year because of its unique rose flowers.
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