How to Maintain your Natural Stone Floor

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Natural stone surfaces can add a touch of elegance to any home, but they do require maintenance to keep them looking their best. If you're considering using a professional stone restoration service, there are a few things you should know.

Is The Work Messy?
One common concern when it comes to stone restoration is the mess it might create. However, professional stone restoration and cleaning systems are all water-based, so there is no dust produced. The process uses fresh water and diamond abrasives to gently resurface and revive your stone. The waste slurry is removed and disposed of without affecting your home or the environment. Each machine is also fitted with a splash guard to avoid overspray. Protection is provided for walls and the surrounding areas with low tack specialist decorators tape and sheets.

Will My Grout Be Cleaned?
If you're considering stone restoration, grout cleaning is often the main reason. For lighter colored stone, the grout is usually the first thing you notice. All professional stone restoration services include grout cleaning. Fresh grout can lift the entire floor, and it is also worth considering a restoration service to help with easier maintenance of your grout.

How Long Will The Work Take?
The amount of time required for the restoration process varies based on the condition of your stone. The quote provided takes into account the time, equipment, and consumables required to restore your floor as per the experts’ recommendation. Occasionally, a sample is carried out before restoration to perfect the method and allow you to see the expected result.

Different Price Options
There are often different options for professional stone restoration services. Full-scale restoration surfaces for floors are the best investment due to the long-lasting benefits and ease of maintenance, but it may not always be applicable. Light restoration, resurfacing, and deep cleaning treatments are less expensive and time-consuming for professionals to undertake. The options that are applicable to your stone will be discussed during the initial visit.

How Much Of My Stone Will Be Removed?
Only a tiny, insignificant amount of stone is removed during the restoration process. The most aggressive process uses metal bonded diamond abrasives to remove lippage and deep scratches to a stone, and even this method will only remove millimeters of stone in the ‘high points’.

How Long Before I Can Walk On My Floor?
The curing time of the sealant is dependant on your stone type and the sealant used. It's best to avoid walking on your stone floor with outdoor shoes, but if necessary, we recommend waiting at least an hour before walking across the floor. The restoration process is carried out in small areas, allowing you to still walk through your property throughout the process. The only time the entire area needs to be clear is when applying the sealant. It usually dries enough for barefoot or sock walking by the time we finish applying the last coat. It's important not to mop the floor for 48 hours after the visit as this can impact the sealant.

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