Pre-Spray – The Carpet Cleaners Secret To Deep Carpet Cleaning Results

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Carpet cleaning machines can be sold to the public with the claim of them removing everything there is to remove from the carpet. If we are going to dissect a carpet, we will find out that 80% of this carpet is soil and dust, and some of these machines are not made to eliminate these. That is why carpet cleaning professionals use a step in our process called Pre-spraying in order to clean your carpet and upholstery thoroughly and as deeply as physically possible.

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What is Pre-spray?

Pre-spraying is applying a preconditioning agent that enables the chemical to dwell on the carpet and break down and dissolve the soil which can be re-deposited onto the fibers of the carpet when rinsed. With pre-spraying, soil and dust can be removed by the extractor a lot easier. The difference between pre-sprays and regular extraction machine chemicals is that pre-sprays have higher concentrations of water-soluble solvents and high performance surfactants.

How is Pre Spray Used in Professional Carpet Cleaning?

As we have already read from the information provided above, pre-spray is used to emulsify soil and dust on your carpet in order for the professionals to clean it thoroughly through an extractor. However, there are proper ways to use pre-sprays, and these are practiced by our professionals.

Prior to starting the actual carpet cleaning process, we first evaluate your carpet first in order to select the right products to use. Different pre-sprays are used for different soiling conditions and different types of carpet, and these will be further discussed as you read this blog further.

These pre-sprays are also used with the proper equipment. They can be in an in-line injection or an electric sprayer. One thing our professionals also consider is the dwelling time because if they spray so far in advance, the chemical might dry. They also follow it up with a Hot Water Extraction method in order for the soil and other residues to be removed thoroughly.

Different Carpet Types Require Different Pre-sprays

To give you examples of the different pre-sprays we use for various carpets, here are some of them.

  • General Pre-sprays are the most versatile pre-conditioners out there because they work with any type of carpet and any synthetic material.
  • Olefin Pre-sprays are used most especially in restaurants and commercial buildings that already have nasty olefin carpets and already have yellow discoloration.
  • Enzyme Pre-sprays are used mostly in restaurants because they remove heavy grease from carpets.
  • Natural Pre-sprays are a lot milder but still are very effective. They are used for wool carpets, and those that have a cotton-material fabric.

Different Carpet Types Require Different Pre-sprays

Well, that’s it! Secret’s out! You now know how we do it. We make sure that we use the right pre-spray for your carpet. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, call Cleaning Contractors NI if you need exceptional carpet cleaning in Belfast!

Call us today on 028 9073 7252, we promise you will not be disappointed – just look at our Belfast Carpet Cleaning Reviews!

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