What is an Agitation Machine & How is it Used in Professional Carpet Cleaning?

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To understand what Agitation means, let’s take washing our hands as an example.  When we wash our hands, we put soap on our palms and rub it under water to clean off our hands thoroughly. If we do not do this, the surface will be the only one clean, and when we inspect below the surface, you will see a lot of dirty stuff still hanging around.

In this blog, we are going to talk about what Agitation is and how it is helpful in carpet cleaning.

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What is Carpet Agitation?

Agitation is briskly stirring of something and gives an abrasive effect on the surface of that thing you are cleaning, and in this case, your carpet. The agitation cycle when you’re washing your clothes in the washing machine is when it moves the fabrics around to loosen attached dirt from them.

When we say carpet agitation, it means we are loosening soil and other particles that are clinging onto your carpet so that the cleaning process will be easier and more effective. The key benefit of the agitation process in all the examples above is to clean every layer and not just the top. It also enables the detergent or other cleaning solutions to do their job more effectively.

It also helps to spread the detergent or the cleaning solution used uniformly. Aside from these, this also helps speed up the reaction time that the cleaning solutions are required.

Where does Agitation Come in the Carpet Cleaning Process?

When we look at the whole carpet cleaning process, we can usually look at 10 to 12 steps. Now, you’re probably wondering where Agitation comes in with all these steps? 

Right after our carpet cleaning professionals inspected, pre-vacuumed, moved the furniture, pre-sprayed, and pre-spotted, agitation comes on to further loosen the particles found on your fabric. After agitation, professionals proceed to rinse and eventually do Hot Water Extraction using our Truck mounted carpet cleaner.

What Machines are Used in Carpet Agitation?

Although used for cleaning hard-surface flooring, a rotary machine can also be used for the process of agitation in carpet cleaning. This reduces the labor for the cleaner because it covers the square footage of a carpet quickly.

Another great tool for the agitation process are cylindrical brushes because they move the soil from the bottom of the carpet to the top. This method of agitation uses a low moisture solution so it eliminates wicking.

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With this blog post, we have given some of the methods we use to professionally clean your carpet, including Agitation. Our company, Cleaning Contractors NI makes sure that we are giving excellent service that will impress you, and we believe that Agitation is important for the whole carpet cleaning process. What are you waiting for?

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