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If you have ever tried to clean your office or commercial workplace by yourself then you’ll know how much hard physical work is involved and how difficult it can be to create a seamlessly clean, sleek finish. Cleaning is a skilled profession and your experience may have given you a new-found respect for the legions of cleaners who carry out this type of work every day (and night) throughout the UK. You may even be considering using professional cleaners in your own premises, so let’s look at five key reasons for doing just this.

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1. Staff morale

There’s no denying it – Covid-19 has changed our relationship with the workspace. As staff start to move back into the work environment, it’s imperative that they have complete faith in the cleanliness and hygiene of their desks, floors, office equipment, furniture and facilities. Professional cleaning companies like Cleaning Contractors NI know how to maintain hygiene standards in commercial properties. We know which areas often go ignored by the untrained eye. Our rigour and attention to detail is vital in helping you protect and reassure staff members and customers. Remember – peace of mind means productivity.

2. Professionalism

The cleaning sector is now one of the top ten UK industries, employing approximately 1.63 million workers – around 5% of the UK workforce. Cleaning companies like ours – Cleaning Contractors NI – invest heavily in staff training, giving them the skills and confidence to work in all sorts of filthy environments, including fire, flood, mud or blood. Professionalism also means that our staff are security vetted and background checked, so that you can be confident that only the best, most trustworthy people are taking care of your premises.

3. Equipment

The days of using a duster, mop and household vacuum to clean professional premises are long gone. Today’s skilled cleaners use sophisticated, highly technical cleaning equipment and specialist cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. This means customers receive an exemplary level of service, with pristine surfaces and excellent hygiene levels throughout their offices, shops and commercial property.

4. Accreditations

You wouldn’t entrust the maintenance and servicing of your car to a mechanic with no formal certification. So why would you allow a cleaning company with no professional accreditations to maintain a rigorous cleanliness and hygiene regime on your premises? Especially when the health and welfare of your customers and staff may be at stake? As a minimum, look for membership of the Federation of Master Cleaners and NCCA – National Carpet Cleaners Association. FSB membership (Federation of Small Businesses) is also a good sign that they take their corporate responsibilities seriously.

5. Value

You will be surprised at the difference a professional cleaning company can make to the look of your business. And at how good value it can be. After all, someone has to clean your premises and if you’re diverting staff from other core tasks to fulfil this role, it may be denting your productivity. When you’re dealing with Cleaning Contractors NI, for example, it costs nothing to get a quote to show how cost-effective our cleaning services really are.

I hope this clarifies the main reasons why it makes sense to use a professional cleaning service. If you would like to find out more about the best way to keep your business clean, start by calling the Cleaning Contractors NI team today on 0333 305 8083 or use our quick enquiry form.

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