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CHAT – these are the four basics when it comes to cleaning everything. Whether it be dishes,the floor, or even your skin. It is all about the balance, like everything in life.


At Cleaning Contractors NI we try to stay as eco friendly as possible, following our ‘Zero Waste’ commitment so as to minimise the chemicals we use during the cleaning services we provide for our customers. Chemicals have no benefits when it comes to health, and our ultimate goal is to protect your health and those you love. At the same time we are totally committed to gaining the best results possible when it comes to your floors as this will directly benefit your health also.


Our processes use the least amount of chemicals required and we increase the temperature of the water to steam for cleaning to allow better penetration. With higher temperature water and increased pressure this allows the steam to penetrate surfaces that are being cleaned. To achieve this while cleaning your carpets, we have vehicle-mounted independent industrial machinery to increase the heat of our water to steam instead of relying on your water supply. Carpet fibre is always checked to ensure our process is safe to use. Water is the most common solvent, and is actually very powerful, yet many people forget this fact and sometimes add unnecessary chemicals.


Since our chemical usage is low, and our water temperature is high, what about the length of time required? Instead of working with strong chemicals, and while lowering the amount of any chemical required we allow extra time for our process to be totally effective. If you wanted to wash your dirty frying pan, you would often leave it in the sink to soak overnight to dissolve in a branded washing up liquid and hot water. Dish washing chemicals are usually very strong, and mostly too strong to safely use on wool carpets. Sometimes our cleaning process requires that we must treat carpets with mild chemicals and leave for a further length of time to achieve the best results possible therefore requiring more time to complete the cleaning process.


This is the business end of the process. We use different types of brushes and pads with our rotary machine for the cleaning of customer floors and carpets. We have carpet brushes for agitating, prespray for carpet cleaning and diamond brushes at different grades when it comes to stone and hard floors, to agitate the cleaning solution. For wood we use different grades of sand paper to achieve the desired effect.

CHAT – basics of cleaning – summary

You could wash your oily, dirty frying pan with slowly running cold water but it would just take forever and probably waste a lot of water. You could also use some chemicals, and increase the water temperature, or you could leave it to soak in warm water with some cleaning products and use the sponge to clean and rinse later, as I said at the beginning…. it is always about finding the right balance in these four. Very often a good chemical can be water only. It is healthier, we may spend a bit more time during the cleaning process and boost up the heat to achieve the very same results as with a strong chemical used instead, in order to save on time, often with less agitation. The ‘high chemical’ methods are not necessarily great for your health, your family’s health, the technician’s health or for the health of our planet.

Can you put a price tag on your health? Probably not. Can you put a price tag on time? Absolutely!

This is perhaps one of the reasons why some cleaning firms may be more expensive then others. Some cleaning companies will use strong chemicals in order to save time. At Cleaning Contractors NI we spend more time to ensure the best method is employed and respect the biggest value we can add to our customers through our service – their health. Price and value are very different aspects. It all depends on priorities.

The best way to minimise chemical use is good maintenance.

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