The Best Carpet Choices for Kids & Pets

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It is inevitable for carpets to easily get worn out, especially when you have kids or pets at home.

If your only priority was durability, then you can just surface your home in ceramic tile or laminate flooring. However, you must be aware that it will never be stylish, comfortable, and warm inside the house. The carpets make your home look classy and luxurious, but they can be a balance between comfort and durability.

Contrary to popular belief, having a carpet would be a great option for having an active home. But with pets and kids at home, your carpets would get through the winter from liquids, spilled red wine, food, and dirt. That’s why as a homeowner, you should be able to choose the best carpet that is ideal for your home, considering you have kids and pets. There are a few things to consider that you must focus on, such as durability, resistance to stain, and softness.

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Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Carpet

When you’re choosing a carpet for your home, you must consider your family’s lifestyle into consideration. In addition, you must know that carpet styles can be very confusing when looking for carpets with the best texture, appearance and durability. Here are the basics you must consider.

  • Cut Pile

This is a sequence of loops of yarn that can be cut to a common height and give a single strand appearance. You will find different variations like plush, Saxony, shag, textured, and frieze if you consider a cut pile. However, if you find it confusing, the experts at Cleaning Contractors NI will explain it to you.

  • Level Loop Pile 

This is made of loops of yarn rather than strands. The loops are usually densely packed and short, making sturdy and easy to clean surfaces.

  • Multi-level Loop Pile 

This is quite similar—however, the loops of the heights give the carpet a little more depth and texture. There are also times that loops are arranged in patterns already.

Great Carpet Options When you have Kids and Pet


Who doesn’t want to become realistic about the type of flooring you choose? So if you spend days chasing your kids around your house, or keep on cleaning muddy paws, then consider these best carpet choices for kids and pets to make your life a lot easier. 

  • Polyester 

It is a type of carpet that is stain-resistant and offers a lot of great benefits of nylon. Carpets made of polyester fabric come with softness and are very affordable. It’s softer than nylon, and it’s vulnerable to matting in high foot traffic areas. It holds up well, especially when used in bedrooms for busy families that want inviting carpets without sacrificing their quality. 

  • Nylon

Nylon carpets are known for their durability and stain resistance. It is also very affordable, making it a great choice of carpet for homes with kids and pets. In addition, it is sturdy and can hold its shape, even in places with high foot traffic, like the hallways and living rooms. 

  • Medium Shaded Neutral Color 

This is a perfect carpet choice when you have an active home. Carpets that are too dark may show dust and hair, while light shaded carpets may show stains. You can just find a carpet that is medium shaded for a perfect balance.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the important choices for your home is choosing the right carpet that will help the needs of your growing family. Of course, you need to protect it. At Cleaning Contractors NI, we are a fully accredited carpet cleaning company and always dedicated to helping you maintain and protect your carpet – even for high end woollen carpets. We offer professional cleaning for carpets throughout Belfast to extend the durability of your carpet.

Of course, we are always here to help, and if you have questions and inquiries, feel free to contact us at 028-9073-7252, and we will walk you through our services for a perfect carpet solution and maintain the performance and appearance of carpets for the years to come.

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