Thinking of renting a steam cleaner? Then make sure you read this before you do!

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When is about a time to clean up carpet in your home or business, you probably thinking to cut the cost as low as possible, it’s natural because everybody like saves some money here or there. The first mind is to find cheap service but you know they will not do a good job and all stains will stay where they are and your carpet will be wet for 2 days and after it dry will smell bad. Your next idea is to rent a machine from the store and clean the carpet by yourself – brilliant… But those machines are not really professional so they will nor clean your carpet they only refreshed it, which means that stains will stay, the nice smell will disappear really quickly and in the most of scenarios, if you have good quality carpet, it can suffer because of bad cleaning liquid or high temperature. Before you try to save money think it twice because in most cases easy and chest way becomes most expensive and not effective.

Is it really Worth Your Time and Effort ??

You spend all this time searching around for a steam cleaner to rent while trying to get the best price. In addition to this price, you are required to pay extras for various detergents and attachments. Then, you have to bring the machine home and spend hours and hours of steam cleaning floors, especially if it’s a big home with a lot of square footage. Then after spending all this time and effort, you only end up with less than desirable results. Alternatively, you could hire a professional carpet cleaner and sit back, relax and let us do all the work for you with much greater results!

Are the Hired Domestic machines worth the hassle?

The cleaning equipment used by our professional carpet cleaners are a lot more powerful than your average hired steam cleaner and can extract more dirt and soil from your carpet. Even though the water being used in a rental steam cleaner is hot, it might not be hot enough, professional carpet cleaning equipment can produce 120C degree hot water! Our experts use special environment-friendly detergents as opposed to the shampoo used in a rental cleaner, which doesn’t necessarily work on every type of stain or can even leave sticky residue on the carpets.
They don’t have the same vacuum suction and water pressure. The powerful suction provided by our commercial cleaning machines allows your carpets to dry in two hours, or even less! Otherwise, you risk your cheap rental machine leaving you with over-wet carpets.
We believe that you are far better off simply vacuuming your carpets regularly and hiring a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning company every 12-18 months.

Whether muddy paws have left unwanted stains on your rug, a guest has spilled a glass of red wine on your carpet or the years of wear and tear. It is important that we take time to understand our customer’s needs in order to formulate a plan that delivers the results our customers expect, along with peace of mind they deserve. At Cleaning Contractors NI, we are fully trained and insured. Before starting any cleaning we will evaluate the type of fibre and carry out safety tests which will help to determine which cleaning method and chemicals would be best suited for the job. If you are looking for your local, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service or just advice then call us at Cleaning Contractors NI. Our experienced service technicians are friendly, prompt and very thorough when it comes to the services we provide at your residence or business location. The industrial cleaning equipment helps us to carry out cleaning effectively and quickly around your home. For us – customer satisfaction is most important.

At Cleaning Contractors NI we can help you avoid all this hassle! We offer flexible booking times to work around your busy schedule. You can get in touch with us by phone, email or facebook.

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