Which is better? Van-Mounted or Mobile Carpet Cleaning Machine

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Many consumers do not know the difference. They know that there is a machine that shoots down water and a vacuum hose for sucking it out. So, does it really matter whether a company uses a van-mounted or a mobile carpet cleaning machine?

Van mounted carpet cleaning is a water-based vacuum-extraction cleaning system that is more powerful and can be more effective than solvent-based methods. These machines have higher water temperatures and higher PSI which allows the steam and cleaning solution to get deep into carpets. Great suction power allows for less water and residue to be left in carpets at the end of a job.

The power of a van-mounted machine means that the expert working on carpets has no need to repeatedly “go over” trouble spots and traffic stains, because of the high-temperature solution which penetrates all the way through the carpet and is then virtually entirely removed by a superior suction system.

For the customer, it means less time spent having the job done, faster drying times, and possibly less residue left over in carpets plus less risk of damage to your carpets from repetitive cleaning strokes.

Whilst van-mounted units are the best, limitations placed on them by multi-floored buildings don’t mean you cannot have a good and effective carpet or upholstery cleaning service done with a mobile machine. For example, If you live in an apartment above the third floor, van mounted units cannot typically reach above this height in a standard apartment complex, and even if they could, and due to the extra long hose length required, this would have a negative effect on pressure and its effectiveness in completing the task.

It’s very important that when choosing a carpet cleaning company to make sure that they work with both kinds of equipment so that they can discuss with you, your specific needs to determine the best course of action. It’s very important that your carpet cleaning company can accommodate a request of a van-mounted unit If for an example you need an entire building of carpets cleaned. if however you only require a small carpet a or sofa cleaned, then a small portable carpet cleaning machine is perfectly fine.

We hope this helps give you an informed choice and clear up any confusion on van mount vs. mobile carpet cleaning machines when choosing your carpet cleaning company.

Here at Cleaning Contractors NI we use both mobile and van mounted units to meet with all of our customer requirements.

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