How To Make Carpet Tiles Last Longer In A Commercial Building

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When it comes to making your office look elegant and clean, the plethora of options available can be a little bit daunting. However, carpet tiles are one of the most easily suggested types of tiles as they can be as versatile as they can be and are quite easy to use. Instead of using the old-fashioned carpet rolls, using carpet tiles goes a long way and has many advantages.

Furthermore, a little bit of TLC and your carpet tiles can last for many years – making them a wise choice for your business. That’s why they are the best option when it comes to decorating your office floor.

Keeping your carpet floor tiles clean is the key to extending their life.

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Taking Care Of Your Carpet Tiles To Last Longer

The development of carpet tiles emerged during the middle part of the 19th century, and it became a significant product not only in the UK but also in the rest of the world. Whether it is issued residentially or commercially, carpet tiles have come a long way, and they have become a significant product in the floor covering industry since.

Much like with other commercial and household supplies, they also need a little bit of extra care to make them last longer than they should. Here are some of the following tips and tricks on how to make your carpet last longer in a commercial building.

  • Daily vacuuming is essential whenever you have carpet tiles in your building. When your office is quite busy, then chances are dust buildup becomes thicker by the day. Whenever you vacuum your carpet tiles regularly, removing dirt reduces the risk of flattening the tiles, which gradually deteriorates their composition over time.
  • Don’t wait until morning before you tend to spill. One of the best ways to make your carpet tiles longer is to address them immediately whenever there are spills and stains in a specific area. In doing so, blot the area with a clean damp cloth when dealing with liquid materials. As for semi-solid products, they should be scraped first before blotting.
  • When a stain or residue is noticed, the first thing to do is remove it. An accumulation of stain and dirt in your carpet tiles makes them unpresentable and untidy. There are many spotting products sold cheaply in your local store that are used to remove stains and spots in your carpet tiles. However, choose the less concentrated ones as they might cause the spot to scatter around the area.

Whenever spots and stains are hard to remove, it is never a problem to contact a professional carpet cleaner. We as professional carpet cleaners are have the right equipment and knowledge to deal with your spillage – including removal of red wine stains!

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