Why Carpet Stain Removal is Best Left to a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

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Whether you are a student living alone in an apartment in central Belfast, or a mum with a husband and 5 kids, it is nearly impossible to try and avoid staining your carpet. With all the hustle you need to do to thrive, keeping your carpet clean may be the last thing you want to think about. Cleaning Contractors NI – Belfast are here to help!

When the “accident” happens, we bet you’re thinking of removing the stain yourself. Now, you’re on Google researching the best DIY recipe or the best commercial cleaning agent for this job. Before you do all of these, let us give you reasons why we think it is not a good idea to clean the stain yourself.

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What Damage can be Done Using Over-the-shelf Stain Removal Products?

Attempting to remove the stain on your carpet with an over-the-shelf product can make the damage even worse. Let us talk about how these products are made up of very intense and extremely harsh ingredients that cannot protect the color of your carpet.

Just like other harmful household cleaners, insecticides, and bleaches, when they come in contact with your carpet or rug, they can cause irreparable damage. This is because of the introduction of this foreign substance to the surface pile of your carpet that will destroy its dye.

Most of us have experienced washing our hair with shampoo but realized how we weren’t able to rinse every bit of the shampoo from our hair. We then realize how gross it feels because of the buildup of dirt. This is the same with unwashed cleaning product you have on your carpet when you attempt to remove the stain from it.

The explanation is that these products have soap molecule tails that attract oil and repel water. These oils attract dirt. Now, if you leave these products unwashed, imagine how much dirt you’ll collect on your carpet. Gross, right?

Professional Carpet Stain Removal Methods

You’re probably wondering what professionals do to remove stains from your carpet. Well, we are going to give you two of the methods that professionals use to do this.

The first method is HWE Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction), and it works exactly what it sounds like. Hot water is blasted onto the carpets at a high pressure. These factors help to break down and loosen the stain. Before this method, professionals will first spot clean the stain using one of the many professional carpet stain removal products at our disposal. 

Careful consideration is given to the type of carpet you have along with the age of carpet when selecting the correct chemical to aid the removal of the stain, without causing damage to your carpet, rug or upholstery.

Contact Cleaning Contractors NI For Carpet Stain Removal in Belfast

We bet you’re having second thoughts on removing your carpet stains yourself now. 

Why don’t you leave the job to us? At Cleaning Contractors NI, you won’t be worrying about removing your carpet stains!

To set an appointment, you can just call us directly on 028 9073 7252.

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